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Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Gauhati University Question Papers:Human Resource Planning & Development (May-June’ 2014)

Gauhati University Question Papers
Human Resource Planning & Development (May-June’ 2014)
Full Marks: 80
Time Allowed: 3 hours
Answer either in English or Assamese
The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions
1. Answer the following as directed:                                       1x10=10

a) Fill in the blanks with suitable answers:
a)      Learning organisations have competence to learn _____, codify and use knowledge faster than their rivals.
b)      Juran’s Project improvement approach is very popular among _____ companies.
c)       Development is a _____ oriented training focusing on the personal growth of the employee.
d)      Performance appraisal focuses on judging the performance and future _____ of the employee.
b) State whether the following statements are true or false:
e)      Promotion means career advancement within and outside an organisation.
f)       HRIS links all the decision making centre in an organisation. (True/False)
g)      The Hawthorne experiments were carried out at The General Electric Co. U.S.A. (True/False)
h)      The development of HRM is taking place in (Choose the correct answer from the options)
1)      Theory.
2)      Practice.
3)      Both (i) and (ii).
4)      None of the above.
i)        In which of the following methods are ratings spread over a number of grades?
1)      Graphic Scales Method
2)      Grading system
3)      Forced Distribution Method
4)      Critical Grade Method
j)        By which one of the methods can attrition be measured?
1)      Dividing Rate Method
2)      Placement Rate Method
3)      Labour Rate Method
4)      Labour Turnover Method
2. Write very short answers on the following:                                     2x5=10
a)      Two elements of Career Management Programme.
b)      Two Advantages of computerized HRIS.
c)       Two objectives of executive development.
d)      Two criteria for measuring training effectiveness.
e)      Two requirements in recruitment cycle time.
3. Write short answers on any four of the following:                        5x4=20
a)      Distinguish between Job Enlargement and Job Enrichment.
b)      Write a note on ‘kaizen’.
c)       What is vestibule training?
d)      Discuss any two modern methods of performance appraisal in brief.
e)      Comment on the Lev and Schwartz model of HRA.
f)       Why is Human Resource Management important in an organisation? Discuss briefly.
4. Answer any four questions:                                   10x4=40
a)      “Human Resource Planning has greater relevance in the present day context of technological revolution than ever before”. Substantiate this statement.                                          10
b)      “Performance appraisal fails due to personal bias.” Discuss the statement in the light of appraising employees in an objective manner.                                                10
c)       Write short notes on:
1)      Reasons for Demotion.
2)      Voluntary Retirement Scheme.
d)      What is meant by executive development? What are its objectives and how does it help the executive? Discuss. 10
e)      “HR audit may be internal or external, regular or crisis audit.” Comment on the statement.                  10
f)       Distinguish between Human Resource Audit and Human Resource Accounting.                         10


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