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Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Gauhati University Question Papers:Communicative and Functional English – I (May-June’ 2017)

Gauhati University Question Papers
Communicative and Functional English – I (May-June’ 2017)
Full Marks: 80
Time Allowed: 3 hours
Answer either in English or Assamese
The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions
1. State whether ‘true’ of ‘false’:                                              1x10=10

a)      Communication is a general phenomenon.
b)      Interpersonal communication plays an important role in the formation, development and dissolution of human relationships.
c)       The success of a transmission of message depends on two factors – content and context.
d)      Jargon should be avoided when talking to someone unfamiliar.
e)      Press release is not a part of public relation activity.
f)       Body language is not important in the field of sales.
g)      E-business is what happens when you combine the broad reach of the Internet with the vast resources of traditional information technology systems.
h)      Semantic barrier is a sender oriented barrier.
i)        Physical noise consists of disturbances within the sender or receiver that interfere with understanding.
j)        Feedback is the reversal of the communication process in which the sender gives a response to the receivers’ message.
2. Answer any five of the following questions:                                   2x5=10
a)      What are the main disadvantages of oral communication?
b)      Write two advantages of an email.
c)       What is Social Networking?
d)      What is Haptics in communication?
e)      What is meant by agenda?
f)       What is an Executive summary?
3. Answer the following:                                               5x4=20
(a) Correct any five of the following:                       1x5=5
1)      Please return back the book.
2)      I prefer the cinema than the theatre.
3)      Please give Leena or myself a call if you have any questions.
4)      The cook asked him to slowly pour the cream into the mixing bowl.
5)      My luggage are in the luggage rack above you.
6)      She is neat but fairly slow.
(b) Rewrite any five of the following as directed:                              1x5=5
1)      Be just fear not. (Change into complex sentence)
2)      No worker is an hardworking as Rajesh. (Change into comparative)
3)      I am doubtful whether he is speaking the truth. (Change into negative)
4)      Promises should be kept. (Change the voice)
5)      It is a horrible night. (Change into exclamatory sentence)
6)      It is too hot to go out. (Make it a complex sentence)
(c) Fill in the blanks any five of the following with appropriate prepositions:                         1x5=5
1)      He deals _____ grocery.
2)      I saw him _____ the banker’s.
3)      The dog is lying _____ the floor.
4)      He walked _____ the end of the road.
5)      Suresh went there _____ my bike.
6)      He is devoid _____ common sense.
(d) Make sentences to illustrate the use of any five of the following phrases:                     1x5=5
Right hand, bed of roses, off and on, flesh and blood, nip in the bud, smell a rat, in high spirits, in full swing, tooth and nail.
4. (a) Answer any two of the following:                                                 10x2=20
1)      What are the benefits of effective communication in business?                                         10
What are the various types of non-verbal communication? Discuss.                         10
2)      What is a persuasive letter? What are the purposes of writing a persuasive letter? Why circulars and a sales letters are called persuasive letters?                       2+3+5=10
3)      Define a memo. What is it written? What are the advantages and disadvantages of memo as an intra-organizational correspondence?                                               2+3+5=10
How does effective communication lead to self development? Discuss.                                 10
4)      What are the different types of group communication?
(b) Answer any two of the following:                                      10x2=20
1)      Write a request letter to Beltone Television Ltd. asking for sole distribution rights of their product as you are expanding your business and considering of adding new ranges to you stock. You are the proprietor of Visionext, a leading electronic merchandise store.
2)      You are the Publicity Manager of ‘Abacus’, a fast growing kindergarten school. Write a letter of complaint to M/S. Choice Printers when you discover several composing errors in the copies of the school prospectus. Ask them to reprint the matter and also to share the additional cost of reprinting.                                      10
Write an adjustment letter from M/S. Choice Printers acknowledging the printing mistakes in the school prospectus of ‘Abacus’, a kindergarten school. Assure the customer that the correction will be done immediately and accept their proposal of reprinting at half the printing rate.                                   10
3)      As the Managing Director of Jupiter Pharma, draft a memo to the sales Manager of your company asking for explanation for his frequent unauthorised absence from duty.                                                  10
There is a change in the membership of partners in the joint business venture of Trump and Square. Inform all suppliers, customers and shareholders through a circular about this change in ownership and assure them that this will not affect the value of the firm’s capital.                                       10
4)      Mr. Das is a very reliable officer in your company. Recently he has been selected for appointment to the Board Management in ‘Plus One Industries’. Congratulate him as one of the directors of the company and appreciate that his service has been rewarded in this way.                                                                 10
What is press release? You work in the Public Affairs department of Aurora Bank. You have been asked to draft a press release to announce the move of your bank to new premises. Add notes about the new location. Spacious air conditioned rooms, newer personalized services to customers, opening ceremony etc.                                                 2+8=10


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