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Gauhati University Question Papers:ALTERNATIVE ENGLISH (May-June’ 2014)

Gauhati University Question Papers
Full Marks: 80
Time Allowed: 3 hours
Answer either in English or Assamese
The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions
1. Answer the following questions:                                          1x10=10

a)         Who is the author’s friend in the essay, Sir Roger at Home?
b)         What is the name of the periodical in which the essay, On Idleness was published?
c)          What is Lethe?
d)         With what nickname did Dr. Johnson address Oliver Goldsmith?
e)         What are Pan’s pipes?
f)          “Conquer anger by the power of non-anger and evil by the power of good.” What do you attribute this idea to?
g)         Who is the poet referred to in the article, The Poet’s Anxiety?
h)         Who is a hypochondriac?
i)           Who is Sigmund Freud?
j)           What are nicknames?
2. Answer any five of the following questions:                                   2x5=10
a)         Who are the members of Sri Roger’s family?
b)         What is the remark of the moralists about pride in the essay, On Idleness?
c)          What is Hazlitt’s opinion of satirists?
d)         Why is Jallianwala Bag famous for?
e)         What did Gandhi say about Non-cooperation in the essay, The Poet’s Anxiety?
f)          Who is an irrational man?
3. Answer any three of the following questions:                                                10x3=30
a)         State Johnson’s view of the human vices of pride and idleness.
b)         Comment on the use of humour and pathos in Lamb’s essay, Dream Children – A Reverie.
c)          What is Gandhiji’s role in the Indian Freedom Struggle according to Tagore?
d)         How can psychoanalysis be used to promote rationalism?
4. Explain with reference to the context, any three of the following:                                       5x3=15
a)         There are moments when the mind refuses to be satisfied by evolution, and demands a ruddier presentation of the sum of man’s experience.
b)         Power in all its forms is irrational it is like the horse that drags the carriage blindfolded.
c)          No Indian can feel anything but pride in the poet’s exquisite jealousy of India’s honour. It is good he should have sent to us his misgivings in language at once beautiful and clear.
d)         The caution is this: if you do lie in bed, be sure you do it without any reason or justification at all.
e)         A closely similar method can cure the irrationalities of those who are not recognized lunatics, provided they will submit to treatment by a practitioner free from their delusions.
5. Write an essay on any one of the following topics:                                       15
a)         Challenges to national integration in India.
b)         Natural resources of Assam.
c)          Role of political parties in Indian democracy.
d)         City life.


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