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Monday, February 18, 2019

Gauhati University Question Papers:POLITICAL SCIENCE (General) Paper 1 (International Relations - II) (May-June’ 2014)

Gauhati University Question Papers
Paper 1 (International Relations - II)
Full Marks: 80
Time Allowed: 3 hours
Answer either in English or Assamese
The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions
Attempt any four from Questions Nos. 1 to 8

1. What is ‘foreign policy’? Discuss the relationship between foreign policy and diplomacy.                           5+5=10
2. What is meant by ‘non-alignment’? Discuss the importance of the principle in the post-Cold War era.                 5+5=10
3. Discuss the formation, character and objectives of the UNO.                  10
4. Evaluation the aims and importance of the Millennium Development Goals.                   10
5. Discuss the efforts of the international community in addressing the issue of arms control.                     10
6. Discuss the functions and importance of the World Bank.                         10
7. Discuss the various types of non-traditional security threat faced by the developing countries.                              10
8. Discuss the various methods through which diplomacy in practiced by Nation-States.                                                 10
9. Write short notes on (any four):                                           5x4=20
a)         Colonialism.
b)         Disarmament.
c)          Non-aligned Movement.
d)         Neo-colonialism.
e)         International Monetary Fund.
f)          Trusteeship Council.
10. Write about the following very briefly:                            2x5=10
a)         World Trade Organisation.
b)         Strategic Arms Reductions Treaty.
c)          United Nations Security Council.
d)         Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty.
e)         Strategic Arms Limitations Treaty.
11. Answer the following as directed:                                     1x10=10
a)         The World Bank started out as the IBRD. (Write True or False)
b)         The headquarters of the UNO is located in which city?
c)          The Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty entered into force in
1)      1968
2)      1970
3)      1972
4)      1974
(Choose the correct answer)
d)         The International Monetary Fund was established in which year?
e)         The headquarters of the International Monetary Fund is located in Washington DC. (Write True or False)
f)          Ban Ki-moon is the seventh Security General of the UNO. (Write True or False)
g)         The ‘Permanent Five’ members of the UNSC have the right to veto’. (Write True or False)
h)         In which year was NATO established?
i)           The World Trade Organisation came into being in
1)      1990
2)      1992
3)      1994
4)      1995
(Choose the correct answer)
j)              Uruguay Round of Talks is related with disarmament and arms control. (Write True or False)


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