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Friday, February 15, 2019

Gauhati University Question Papers:FINANCIAL SERVICES (May-June’ 2013)

Gauhati University Question Papers
Full Marks: 80
Time Allowed: 3 hours
Answer either in English or Assamese
The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions
1. Choose the most appropriate answer from the options given below:                                                 1x10=10

a)      Venture capital represents financial investment in _____ project with the object of earning high rate of return.
1)      Low risk.
2)      Moderate risk.
3)      High risk.
4)      No risk.
b)      Which of the following is not a primary function of a bank?
1)      Accepting deposits.
2)      Advancing loan.
3)      Credit Creation.
4)      Bank assurance.
c)       Which of the following is not a type of financial lease?
1)      Direct lease.
2)      Indirect lease.
3)      Leverage lease.
4)      Secondary lease.
d)      Hire purchase agreement is governed by Hire Purchase Act, _____.
1)      1982.
2)      1972.
3)      2000.
4)      1975.
e)      Which of the following is true?
1)      Merchant Bank underwrites securities.
2)      Merchant Bank is an accepting and issuing house.
3)      Merchant Bank is investment banking.
4)      All of the above.
f)       F.P.O stands for:
1)      Follow on Premium Offer.
2)      First Premium Offer.
3)      First Public Offer.
4)      Follow on Public Offer.
g)      In the context of Mutual Funds, SIP stands for:
1)      Schedule Interest Plan.
2)      Specific Insurance Plan.
3)      Special Income Plan.
4)      Systematic Investment Plan.
h)      In the context Mutual Fund, ELSS means
1)      Entrepreneur Line Savings Scheme.
2)      Endowment Linked Savings Scheme.
3)      Equity Linked Savings Scheme.
i)        In which year Government of India announced the setting up of Venture Capital Fund?
1)      1986
2)      1975
3)      1996
4)      1985
j)        In which date SEBI made compulsory trading of shares of all the companies listed in stock exchange in ‘demat’ form?
1)      2nd January, 2000
2)      1st April, 2002
3)      1st April, 2005
4)      2nd January, 2002
2. What do you mean by the following terms? (Answer within 30 words):                             5x2=10
a)      Secondary Market.
b)      Operating Lease.
c)       Treasury Bill.
d)      Schedule and non-schedule bank.
e)      Different types of ‘Mutual Fund’.
3. Write short note on any four of the following in about 150 words each:                             4x5=20
a)      Credit Rating.
b)      Functions of Stock Market.
c)       Portfolio Management.
d)      SIP.
e)      SEBI.
f)       The Depository Participants.
4. Answer any four of the following in about 600 words each:
a)      What do you mean by the term ‘Financial Services’? Explain fund based financial services in India.    2+8=10
A well developed financial system contributes significantly in the economic development.” – Explain.             10
b)      What do you understand by “Lease Financing”? Explain different forms of Financial Lease.   5+5=10
What are the advantages of Hire Purchase? Distinguish between Hire Purchase and Leasing.               3+7=10
c)       What do you understand by Merchant Banking? How does it differ from Commercial Bank?                4+6=10
“Investment in securities through mutual fund is a better option than direct investment.” – Explain.               10
d)      What do you understand by the concept of Mutual Fund? How is an Open Ended Mutual Fund different from a Close Ended Mutual Fund?                                          5+5=10
What do you mean by dematerialization of shares? How does the electronic settlement of trade take place?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                5+5=10


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