Dibrugarh University Question Paper: Small Business Management (May' 2018)

Small Business Management Question Paper May' 2018
COMMERCE (General / Speciality)
Course: 604 (Small Business Management)
Time: 3 hours
The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions
(New Course)
Full Marks: 80
Pass Marks: 24

1. (a) Write true or false:                                                              1x8=8
(i) Market promotion is an external problem of small business enterprises.

(ii) The small business are financed by the state government.
(iii) The first step for the product planning is idea formulation.
(iv) The life of product is increased by product modification
(b) Fill in the blanks with appropriate words:
(i) Small-scale industries are ____________ (Capital intensive/Labour intensive)
(ii) ________ enterprises are privately owned and operated business. (Small-scale/Large-scale)
(iii) The Government of India constituted SSIB in  ____________ .(1954/1956)
(iv) The Small Industries Service Institutes (SISIs) are set up to provide consultancy and _____. (Capital/training)
2. Write short notes on (any four):           4x4=16
(a) Role of Small Business enterprises
(b) Features of the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise Act, 2006
(c) Importance of product design
(d) Significance of working capital
(e) Small-scale industries vs. large-scale industries
(f) Market Assessment
3. (a) Discuss the industrial policies of central and state government for the promotion and management of micro, small and medium enterprises in Assam.                          11
(b) What is the rationale behind the development of small-scale industries in India?                        11
4. (a) Explain the various quality control methods that can be used for small enterprises.                               11
(b) Describe the various stages of new product development.                   11
5. (a) What is working capital? Discuss the various sources of working capital.                      3+8=11
(b) Discuss the determinates of working capital in small business enterprise.                       11
6. (a) What is packaging? Explain the role and functions of packaging?                     3+8=11
(b) What do you mean by marketing management? Discuss its functions.                             11
7. (a) Examine the impact of pricing decision in small business enterprises.                           12
(b) What do you mean by channels of distribution? Explain the major channels of distribution used in marketing products.                                2+10
(Old Course)
Full Marks: 80
Time: 3 Hours
1. Write true or false:                     1x8=8
(a) Small-scale industries are capital intensive.
(b) Service enterprises are engaged in the production of goods.
(c) Finance is the lifeblood of business.
(d) The Micro, small and medium enterprises Act was passed in the year 1986.
(e) Innovation is important in modern times because of stiff competition.
(f) Small- scale industries are suited for creation of employment.
(g) Political instability is an important internal cause of industrial sickness.
(h) The first step for product planning is commercialization.
2. Write short notes on (any four)                            4x4=16
(a) Role of small business
(b) Quality control technology for small business
(c) Production planning
(d) Fixed vs. working capital
(e) Sales promotion
(f) Sickness signals in small enterprise
3. (a) Define small-scale industry. Discuss the relationship between small-scale and large-scale industries. 3+8=11
(b) What is the rational behind the development of small-scale industries in India?                          11
4. (a) What do you understand by plant location? Discuss the different factors to be taken into consideration while selecting the location of an industrial unit.                            3+8=11
(b) State the importance of product design. Discuss the different factors to be taken into consideration for product designing.                           4+7=11
5. (a) Write a note on the sources of working capital for small-scale industries.                   11
(b) Discuss the importance of working capital for successful functioning of a small enterprise.     11
6. (a) Define marketing. Discuss the various marketing problems faced by the small-scale enterprises.                    3+8=11
(b) Explain the advantages and limitations of advertising.                              6+5=11
7. (a) Discuss the causes and symptoms of small-scale industries sickness.                            6+6=12
(b) Explain the concept of capacity utilization with the help of installed capacity and idle capacity.              12

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