Dibrugarh University Question Paper:Business Communication-II (May' 2018)

Business Communication - II Question Paper 2018 (May)
Dibrugarh University Question Paper
COMMERCE (General/Speciality)
Course: 201 (Business Communication - II)
Time: 3 hours
The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions
Full Marks: 80
Pass Marks: 24

1. Select the correct alternative: 1x4=4

(a) A good presentation reflects the speaker’s
               i.      Level of knowledge
             ii.      Logical thinking
            iii.      Range of ideas and their application to practical situations
           iv.      All of the above
(b) To ‘break the ice’ during an interview would mean
               i.      Offering a glass of cold water to the candidate
             ii.      Shouting at the candidate for unable to answer the question
            iii.      Telling the candidate bluntly that he is not fit for the post
           iv.      To make candidate feel relaxed and comfortable
( c ) Which of the following does not affect listening comprehension?
               i.      Daydreaming
             ii.      Biasness
            iii.      Environmental factors
           iv.      Blackboard writing
(d) A feasibility report is the one where a manager mentions about
               i.      What he has gained from his office trip
             ii.      Factual information
            iii.      Monitoring of work and decision making
           iv.      Whether to proceed with the project
2. State whether the following statements are True or False: 1x4=4
a)Maintaining eye contact with board members during an interview is a sign of bad manners.   False
b)      An effective oral presentation engages the mind and the heart of the audience.  True
c) Gestures may be voluntary or involuntary.                          True
d)      Listening skill is innate and therefore cannot be improved by practice.     False
3. Answer any four of the following questions: 4x4=16
a)Highlight the differences between a short report and a formal report.
b)      Discuss the important skills and qualities that the Interview Board Members would like to assess of a prospective candidate before making a final selection.
c) Enumerate the key differences between the activities of listening and hearing.
d)      “Motivational speeches help in improving communication” Suggest your views on the given statement.
e)      Differentiate between an individual presentation and a group presentation.
f) What is the significance of body language in communication?
4. Elaborate the point to be kept in mind while drafting a proposal.   14
Discuss the essential features of a good business report and elaborate it with a suitable example.     14                                                           
5. Discuss the various stages for making a good presentation. Suggest some measures to make a presentation effective.  10+4=14
Explain how conducting surveys can help both in communication as well as in business. 14
6. “Listening requires entering actively and imaginatively into the other fellow’s situation and trying to understand a frame of reference different from your own. This is not always an easy task.
Based on the given observation, highlight the importance of listening and how it can be made effective.  7+7=14
Discuss in detail about Proxemics and Kinesics as a part of non-verbal communication. 14
7. The following advertisement appears in The Telegraph newspaper on 25th April, 2018:
Wanted a candidate for the post of Accounts Officer in Yule & Smith Company Limited, Mumbai. The candidate should be a graduate and must have an experience of working in similar position for three years. He also should have the knowledge of Tally and GST. The salary offered will be the best in the industry.
The application should reach within 15 days of publication of the advertisement.
Draft a job application as Tushar Barua to the Manager of the Company for the given post along with your resume.  14
What is an interview? Why are interviews conducted? Discuss the kind of preparation that a candidate needs to make before facing an interview board.         2+3+9=14
(Old Course)
Full Marks:80
Pass Marks:32
1. Select the correct alternative: 1x4=4
(a) The most fundamental principle of participating in a group discussion is that one needs to
               i.      Observe
             ii.      Be assertive
            iii.      Speak
           iv.      Be flamboyant
(b) A job application writing is a test of candidate’s
               i.      Knowledge and experience
             ii.      Communication skills
            iii.      Knowing the formal format
           iv.      All of the above
( c ) Which of the following is not a characteristic of a business message?
               i.      Clarity conciseness
             ii.      Conciseness
            iii.      Courteousness
           iv.      Haphazardness
(d) Which one of the following is not a request latter?
               i.      Cancellation letter
             ii.      Invitation letter
            iii.      Persuasive letter
           iv.      Appointment letter
2. State whether the following statements are True or False:
a)A sales letter tends to be mainly textual as opposed to other graphics-based letters.
b)         A good report is functional and aims at solving organizational problems.
c) The main  purpose of conducting a GD is to find out the leadership qualities of a candidate.
d)         Presentations can be both individual and group presentations.
3. Answer the following questions in about 100 words each:  4x4=16
a)Explain the importance of conducting surveys in business.
b)      What are the important aspects that we need to keep in mind while writing a memo?
c) Briefly mention the preparation required for facing a job interview.
d)      Discuss in brief the need and importance of holding seminars in an organization.
4. You are Abhigyan Chaliha, the Sales Manager of PIYOGO Company Limited which manufactures four-wheelers and has an overwhelming presence in the Indian market. The company has recently launched an SUV for the Indian market but the sales are not encouraging although the SUV offers more facilities than other SUVs in the same price segment. Draft a sales letter to the dealers of the company for making extra efforts to promote the product and to start aggressive publicity campaign.  12
What are the essential features of a well-crafted memo? Draft a memo as the Manager of Quintessential Company Pvt. Limited to your employees warning them for not coming to office in time and disappearing for personal works during the office hours.
5. Discuss the steps involved in writing a business message.   12
Do you agree with the view that ‘listening involves several skills’? Give reasons in support of your answer. How can we make our listening effective?                            2+4+6=12
6. Discuss the essential contents of a business report.   8
Discuss the contents of a business proposal with a suitable example.
7. “Group Discussion (GD) is one of the best tools to select the prospective candidates in a comparative and competitive environment.”
Discuss Group Discussion in the light of the given statement.
What is a mock interview? Explain elaborately how a mock interview helps a candidate in self-presentation.                                                                       4+8=12
8. Enlist and discuss the points that we need to keep in mind while crafting our resumes.  12
The following advertisement appeared in The Assam Tribune dated 29th April, 2018:
Wanted a graduate for the post of Finance Officer in Barua Group of Industries, Guwahati. Apply within 15 days of the publication of the advertisement.
Draft an application as Nidhi Saikia highlighting your qualifications and experiences and why you are fit to be selected for the job in the prestigious organization. 12

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