Dibrugarh University B.Com First Sem: Business Communication-I Question Papers (Nov' 2018)

Business Communication Question Papers 2018 (November)
Dibrugarh University B.Com 1st Sem (Non-CBCS)
COMMERCE (General/Speciality)
Course: 101 (Business Communication - I)
Time: 3 hours
The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions
Full Marks: 80
Pass Marks: 24

1. Select the right alternatives:               1x4=4

a)         An example of watchdog audience is
1)      Censor Board.
2)      PS to Ministers.
3)      General Public.
4)      Print or electronic media.
b)  Which of the following is a good example of horizontal communication in an organization?
1)      When employees give their super-visor’s reports listing their accomplishments during the last year.
2)      When the department heads of marketing and research get together for a meeting.
3)      When a supervisor issues a statement to all subordinates explaining the new travel policies.
4)      None of the above.
c)          _____ of the letter consists of main message.
1)      Heading.
2)      Inside address.
3)      Salutation.
4)      Body.
d)         Group discussions are conducted by an organization
1)      For selection of candidates for a job.
2)      For selection of candidates for admission into professional institutions.
3)      For judging the personality of candidates, their communication skill, knowledge and their ability to work as a team.
4)      All of the above.
2. Write True or False of the following:              1x4=4
a)         Communication between human beings and non-human entities is mass communication.
b)         Upward communication is used to provide feedback to higher-ups, inform them of progress toward goals, and relay current problems.
c)          Semantic barrier is related to the process of coding and decoding the message.
d)         Interaction between three to twelve people who share a common goal, a sense of commitment, and who attempt to influence one another is known as seminar.
3. Write answer to each of the following questions in about 100 words:              4x4=16
a)         “Communication is sharing of understanding.” Comment.
b)         State some of the tips for success in group discussion.
c)          Differentiate between business letter and personal letter.
d)         List some medias of written communication for employees of an organization.
4. (a) Define communication. Why is communication essential? Explain the elements of the communication process. 2+3+9=14
(b) What is effective communication? Explain the PAIBOC method for effective communication.           3+11=14
5. (a) What are the common barriers to communication in an organization? How can these be overcome? Describe three instances of communication breakdown.            6+5+3=14
(b) What is corporate communication? What are the most notable forms of external corporate communication? List the median of external corporate communication.             14
6. (a) What is mock interview? Explain the role of the interviewer for effective conduct of a mock interview with suitable example.                                                             4+10=14
(b) Define presentation. How does individual presentation differ from group presentation? How can one make individual presentation effective? Explain.                               2+3+9=14
7. (a) What are the different ways of starting a sales letter? Assume that you are A. Das, Sales Manager of Modern Furniture, Dibrugarh. Your store has recently manufactured a sofa-cum-bed which, when not is use, can be dismantled and kept in a corner, occupying very little space. Draft a sales letter to be sent to about 500 middle-class families in Dibrugarh city to promote its sale.       4+10=14
(b) List some purposes of office memorandum. As the General Manager of S. K. Industries, Guwahati, draft an office memorandum informing the office staff regarding change in office working hours.             4+10=14
Full Marks: 80
Pass Marks: 32

1. Select the right alternatives:                1x4=4
a)         An example of communication channel is
1)      Feedback.
2)      Context.
3)      Noise.
4)      Face-to-face conversation.
b)         A means of transmission of rumour is
1)      Upward.
2)      Downward.
3)      Horizontal.
4)      Grapevine.
c)          Letters that please the receiver are called
1)      Yes letters.
2)      Routine letters.
3)      Invitation letters.
4)      Good news letters.
d)         A memorandum (memo) is considered a brief form of written communication for
1)      Internal use.
2)      External use.
3)      Formal use.
4)      Legal use.
2. Write True or False of the following:           1x4=4
a)         Encoding is the process by which the receiver draws meaning from the symbols encoded by the sender.
b)         Gossip is an example of informal communication.
c)          In business letter, our address and phone number are shown in the letterhead.
d)         Brainstorming is a technique of seminar.
3. Write answer to each of the following questions in about 100 words:                                                 4x4=16
a)         Differentiate between intrapersonal and interpersonal communication with examples.
b)         Explain the role of listening in communication.
c)          Write a note on the limitations of non-verbal communication.
d)         What are the various modern forms of communication used in business now-a-days?
4. (a) What is communication? What are the advantages and disadvantages of oral communication?        2+8=10
(b) What are the types of business communication? How can there by better communication in an organization?           5+5=10
5. (a) Explain how communication is the essence of management and how formal channels of communication provide for vertical, horizontal and lateral flows.            10
(b) What is formal communication? Explain its characteristics and advantages.   3+7=10
6. (a) What is a survey? Discuss its steps to conduct a successful survey.            3+7=10
(b) What is motivational speech? Write a note on the qualities of a motivational speaker.         2+8=10
7. (a) What is effective listening? What are the characteristics of effective listening? Write a note on the principles of effective listening.                                                          2+6+6=14
(b) What is videoconferencing? State its advantages and disadvantages.                                           3+11=14
8. (a) What do you mean by international communication? How can the manager of a global firm adapt to intercultural diversities? Elucidate.        3+9=12
(b) What are the modern technological aids used for communication? What are the guidelines to be followed to handle fax and telephone effectively?           4+8=12

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