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Monday, May 20, 2019

Gauhati University Question Papers: Communicative and Functional English-II (Nov-Dec’ 2014)

Full Marks: 80
Time: 3 hours
(The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions)
1. State whether true or false:                                                                      1x10=10
a)         Words are important in non-verbal communication.
b)         Handwriting has an impact on ‘noise’ in communication.
c)          Staff meetings in organisation have no relation with the free flow of communication.
d)         Self-centered people cannot be good listeners.
e)         Organizational environment is not harmed by denial of information.
f)          Assumptions can mar communication.
g)         Effective communication is concise and crisp.
h)         Notices are not effective ways to reach out to the general staff in an organisation.
i)           ‘Reporting’ in business situation is not important.
j)           E-mail system does not provide the advantages of message in the memory.
2. Write short notes on any five of the following:                                      2x5=10
a)         Video Conferencing.
b)         Para language.
c)          Sales letter.
d)         Quotation.
e)         Conference.
f)          Group shift.
g)         Compound Meeting.
h)         Memorandum.
i)           Facsimile (Fax).
j)           Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS).
Answer any two of the following:                                                        5x2=10
a)         You are trying to walk on a footpath in Guwahati. The road side eateries are creating obstacles in your path. Write out the interchange that takes place between you and the vendors lining up their stalls on the pavement.
b)         You are the team leader of a project in your organisation. Your team needs to work through the night to make your presentation ready for the customer next morning. Write out your interaction with the team members as you in spite them to work late into the night.
c)          You wish to speak to the Manager, SBI Panbazar Branch, Guwahati, regarding a loan for a business venture. Your call for an appointment with the manager is answered by the Assistant Manager of the bank. Write out the conversation that ensues.
3. Answer the following questions:                                                                                                                         
(a) Change the following sentences as directed:                                                   1x5=5
1)         His silence proves his guilt. (Change into complex sentence)
2)         I am as strong as he. (Change into comparative degree)
3)         Summon the fire-brigade. (Change into passive form)
4)         Brutus loved Caesar. (Change into negative sentence)
5)         The teacher punished the boy for disobedience. (Change into compound sentence)
(b) Correct the tense of the following sentences:                                           1x5=5
1)         He was died last year.
2)         The books lied on the table.
3)         I am living here for a long time.
4)         The tempest blows the ship ashore.
5)         He never give me a chance to speak.
(c) Write the antonyms of any five of the following sentences and make meaningful sentences:                                                                                                                                              1x5=5
Bliss, credit, entrance, ebb, barren, growth, war, waive.
(d) Substitute the following with one word each:                                    0.5x10=5
1)         A paper written by hand.
2)         A list of names of items.
3)         An absolute government by one man.
4)         One who lives at the same time.
5)         No longer in use.
6)         One who travels on foot.
7)         Incapable of being explained.
8)         Anything that cannot be solved.
9)         Of one’s own free will.
10)      That which cannot be corrected.
4. Answer any two of the following:                                                      10x2=20
a)         You are a senior executive of a bank. Write a goodwill letters to your customer thanking him for opening his account in your bank. Also promise to offer a host of service to him in appreciation.
b)         You are the Managing Director of ‘Bharat Oil Products Ltd.’ in Mumbai. Write a memo to all the heads of Departments requesting departmental reports before the last day of the month.
c)          You are the Credit Manager, of ‘Unique Biotique Products’ in Guwahati, Assam. You have received an order letter from a customer with a request for credit facilities. Write out a response to that letter.
d)         You are a young student aspiring to be a good journalist. But you are horrified at the way the electronic media in Assam is handling the ‘news’ channels. Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper about your concerns on the matter.
5. Answer any two of the following:                                                 10x2=20
a)         Discuss the characteristics of a successful E-mail.
b)         Discuss the modern forms of oral communication.
c)          ‘Telephone is an important and indispensable part of business communication system’. Discuss.
d)         Write short notes on:                                                     5+5=10
1)         Pagers or Gateways.
2)         World Wide Web.


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