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Monday, May 20, 2019

Gauhati University Question Papers: Communicative and Functional English-II (Nov-Dec’ 2017)

Full Marks: 80
Time: 3 hours
(The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions)
1. State whether true or false:                                                              1x10=10

a)         Knowledge of English language does not enable one to exploit different information around the globe.
b)         Listening is not a passive activity.
c)          Review and revise is not essential on written messages.
d)         To create ‘You’ attitude one should talk about oneself.
e)         A thesaurus is similar to a dictionary but it does not have definitions and pronunciations.
f)          Letters are considered as silent ambassadors of business.
g)         An interview is purposeful conversion between two parties.
h)         A good speech must not have clarity.
i)           Good news-letters are written to impart pleasant information.
2. Write short notes on any five of the following:                                      2x5=10
a)         Purpose of presentation.
b)         English as a global language.
c)          Listening skills.
d)         Essentials of good business writing.
e)         Event management skills.
f)          Group discussion.
g)         Importance of spoken language.
h)         Types of business letters.
i)           Videoconferencing.
j)           Electronic mail.
2. Answer any two of the following:                                                           5x2=10
a)         You are Mr. X/Mrs. Y customer of Airtel Network and you want to lodge a complaint about the escalating bill and disturbances faced due to poor network connection. Write a conversation that ensues between you and the customer care officer.
b)         You along with your friends are planning to meet at KFC joint in Guwahati. Write out the conversation that takes place between you and your friends.
c)          You have ordered few goods through on-line shopping and you haven’t received your goods on time. Write out the telephonic conversation between you and the manager who deals with on-line business.
3. Answer the following questions:
(a) Change the following sentences as directed (any five):                           1x5=5
1)         His silence proves his guilt. (Change into complex sentence)
2)         If you give me the book, I will read it. (Change into compound sentence)
3)         One should keep one’s promise. (Change into passive voice)
4)         I am doubtful whether the job has been done or not. (Change into negative)
5)         He said that he would write the report. (Change into direct speech)
6)         The leather bag is mine. (Make it a complex sentence)
(b) Rewrite the following sentences using the verbs in brackets in their correct tense forms. (Any five):                                                                                                              1x5=5
1)         If you had asked me to do it, I (do) it.
2)         She (read) a book when I saw her.
3)         I wish I (know) all this.
4)         He (do) this work since Monday last.
5)         We (stay) in the house for two years.
6)         The conference (hold) in the auditorium.
(c) Write the antonyms of the following words (any ten):                              1/2 x 10=5
Abbreviate, debit, deficit, deficient, earning, optimist, stationary, condemn, blessing, buy, fraud, able.           
(d) Express in one work (any ten):                                                       1/2 x 10=5
1)         A speech made for the first time.
2)         A person liable to be called to account for his acts.
3)         A remedy for all diseases.
4)         Knowledge of ancient art, customs.
5)         A voice which cannot be heard.
6)         To examine and verify by reference to vouchers.
7)         One who lives at the same time.
8)         An assembly of hearers.
9)         At the same time.
10)      One whose conduct cannot be corrected.
11)      One who does not believed in God.
4. Answer any two of the following:                                                     10x2=20
a)         Write a request letter to an agency asking for the price of a laptop.
b)         Draft a circular letter announcing the obtaining of a medical agency.
c)          As an agent for a chain of hotels in hill stations and holiday resorts, draft a sales letter to be sent to high income group persons, offering special off-season packages.
d)         Write a letter of complaint to the Railway authorities about the non-arrival of your goods.
5. Answer any two of the following:                                                           10x2=20
a)         Discuss the main features of Facsimile (FAX). Mention its advantages and disadvantages.
b)         How does videoconferencing help in communication in today’s business world?
c)          Elucidate the guidelines for writing email messages.
d)         Write short notes on:                                                              5+5=10
1)         Teleconferencing.
2)         Information technology.


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