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Monday, May 20, 2019

Gauhati University Question Papers: Customer Relations and Retail Trade Management (Nov-Dec’ 2014)

Full Marks: 80
Time: 3 hours
(The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions)
1. Answer the following question as directed:                                                1x10=10

a)         Customer defection is also known as _______. (Fill in from the following)
1)         Disloyal Customer.
2)         Churn.
3)         Lapsed Customer.
4)         Ex-customer.
b)         What is the full form of ‘FUD’?
c)          IDIC framework in CRM is associated with _______. (Fill in from the following)
1)         One to one Marketing.
2)         Customization.
3)         Personalization.
4)         None of the above.
d)         What is the maximum period to implement a CRM project to avoid the risk of failure?
e)         What is the full form of ‘MKIS’?
f)          The purpose of CRM process is to originate a powerful tool for customer. (Choose the correct option)
1)         Retention.
2)         Exploration.
3)         Acquisition.
4)         All of the above.
g)         What is brick and mortar retailing?
h)         Name the theory propounded by S. C. Hollander.
i)           Which stores are known as “mom-and-pop” stores?
2. Answer the following questions:                                                                    2x5=10
a)         What are the five stages of customer life-cycle?
b)         State two primary objectives of CRM process.
c)          Outline two factors responsible for the emergence of mall-culture in India.
d)         What do you mean by ‘Anchor Store’?
e)         Define Relationship Marketing.
3. Write short notes on any four of the following:                                             5x4=20
1)         Customer Lifetime Value.
2)         Role of Information Technology in CRM.
3)         Relationship based pricing.
4)         Retail Mix.
5)         Hyper Market.
6)         Cross-Docking.
4. State five inputs for acquisition and requisites for making acquisition effective.  5+5=10
Outline CRM process of marketing organisation specifying the key responsibilities of the functional heads.                                                                                                           10
5. Elaborate in detail the principles of Retailing.                                                      10
Explain in detail the various components of PEST Analysis.                                       10
6. Mention the reasons for the growth of Direct-marketing in India. How it is different from Conventional Marketing?                                                                                        5+5=10
What are essential features of a popular e-Marketing Website?                           10
7. What are the three basic hurdles in maintaining an ideal tenant-mix? How to overcome such hurdles?                                                                                                               5+4=10
What are the objectives of Market Logistics? Why importance on market logistics is increasing day-by-day in India.                                                                   5+5=10


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