Gauhati University Question Papers: Communicative and Functional English-II (Nov-Dec’ 2012)

Full Marks: 80
Time: 3 hours
(The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions)
1. State whether true or false:                                                                    1x10=10

a)         Business letters act as silent ambassadors of the organisation.
b)         A joining report is also called a resume.
c)          ‘Suggestions’ can never be made in the structural form of a ‘question’.
d)         The English language grows with use.
e)         Communication precedes and permeates through every managerial function in an organisation.
f)          Balance Sheet portrays the financial picture of a business at only one particular point of time.
g)         A cheque encashable by its possessor is called a bearer cheque.
h)         Video conferencing is a direct face-to-face communication.
i)           MMS is the ability to send messages comprising of a combination of text, sounds, image and video to MMS capable handsets.
j)           Listing skill in communication is equal to hearing ability alone.
2. Write short notes on (any five):                                                           2x5=10
a)         Business meeting.
b)         Quotation.
c)          Telex.
d)         Invoice.
e)         Dialogue.
f)          Semantic barrier to communication.
g)         Agenda.
h)         Every-day situation
Answer any two of the following:                                                  5x2=10
a)         You are Madhav/Madhavi. You are at the bus-stop and you need to know the time. In the situation mentioned above, write out the conversation that takes place between you and a stranger at the bus stop.
b)         You are the receptionist of the Aircel Customer Service office. A customer wishes to lodge a complaint about the service of your company to your manager. Write out the conversation that ensues between you and the customer with the complaint.
c)          You are in urgent need of a plane ticket to Mumbai from Guwahati. You are reached the ticket counter. Write out the conversation that takes place between you and the officer at the ticket counter.
3. Answer the following questions:                                                      1x5=5
(a) Put the verbs in brackets in the correct forms.
1)         If you do not read, you (fail).
2)         If I go there, I (see) him.
3)         If you (shout), I would complain to the teacher.
4)         If I (be) you, I should accept the offer.
5)         I (live) here for a long time.
(b) Fill in the blanks with appropriate prepositions:                            1x5=5
1)         He guessed _______ the truth.
2)         I have no hatred _______ him.
3)         Pay heed _______ what I say.
4)         There is no hindrance _______ his going.
5)         I am hopeful _______ success.
(c) Make sentences with the following phrases:                              1x5=5
To make amends, to rise to the occasion, to take the bull by the horns, to burn one’s fingers, to steal a march.
(d) Give the meaning of the following terms: (any five)            1x5=5
Bye laws, Consensus, Minutes (of a meeting), Bill of Exchange, Assets, Bankrupt, Caveat Emptor, Contract.
4. Answer any two of the following:                                                                          10x2=20
a)         Write an application for the post of Marketing Manager at Ashok Contribution Corporation, Navagiri Road, Guwahati, in response to an advertisement in the ‘Tribune’, dated 3rd September, 2012 published by the Managing Director of the Company.
b)         Assam Chemicals Ltd. has appointed a committee to investigate the cause of decline in sales of their products. Draft the report.
c)          You are the Finance Manager of Kaziranga Agencies Pvt. Ltd. You need some information from the Human Resource Department of your company. Draft a memorandum for the purpose.
d)         Write a letter of complaint to the Manager of Sarma Trading Company, Dhubri, Assam for damage of goods in transit.
5. Answer any two of the following:                                                                10x2=20
1)         What are the components of an e-mail?
2)         Discuss the various modern means of communication.
3)         ‘The computer is the nerve centre of Information Technology’. Discuss.
4)         Write short notes on:                                                              5+5=10
a)         Laptop.
b)         Personal Digital Assistants (PDA)


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