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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Gauhati University Question Papers:Human Resource Management-I (Nov-Dec’ 2011)

Full Marks: 80
Time: 3 hours
(The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions)
Answer all the questions.
All questions are compulsory.
1. Choose the correct answer:                                                       1x10=10

a)         Which one of the following is not an objective of HRM?
1)         Societal objective.
2)         Organizational objective.
3)         Functional objective.
4)         Personal objective.
b)         The element of a good recruitment policy is _______.
1)         Non-identification of preferred sources.
2)         Nil value to monetary aspects.
3)         Identification of recruitment needs.
4)         Non-selection of preferences.
c)          What is the full form of TQM?
1)         Total Quantity Measurement.
2)         Total Quantity Management.
3)         Total Quality Management.
4)         Total + Quality Management.
d)         What levels of defects are acceptable under the Six Signs process?
1)         .019 defects per million.
2)         3.4 defects per million.
3)         233 defects per millions.
4)         6,210 defects per million.
e)         Which element is not required in the process of job evaluation?
1)         Un-classifying jobs.
2)         Constituting job evaluation committee.
3)         Selection of key jobs for evaluation.
4)         Gaining acceptance.
f)          Ranking method is _______.
1)         Preparation of job description.
2)         Selection of rates.
3)         Selection of rates and key jobs.
4)         Job grading.
g)         Which one of these benefits is not classified as a fringe benefit in India?
1)         Employee Security Expenses.
2)         Telephone Expenses.
3)         Health and Safety Expenditure.
4)         Voluntary arrangements.
h)         HR Managers will find themselves to be obsolete in future if they do not update themselves because of _______.
1)         Increase in the size of the workforce.
2)         Changing composition of workforce.
3)         Increase in HR policies.
4)         Increase in educational levels.
i)           Workforce diversity means:
1)         Total number of employees working in an organisation.
2)         Employees are similar to each other.
3)         Employees are different from each other.
4)         Total number of young people working in the organisation.
j)           Which one of these is not an external source of recruitment?
1)         Data Banks.
2)         Present employees.
3)         Unsolicited applications.
4)         Advertisement in newspaper.
2. Write very short answers (within 30 words):                                    2x5=10
1)         What is induction?
2)         What is Kaizen?
3)         What is down sizing?
4)         What is job evaluation?
5)         What is an exit interview?
3. Write short answers on any four of the following: (within 100 words):             5x4=20
1)         What is the scope of HRM?
2)         What factors affect recruitment policy?
3)         Distinguish between traditional and virtual organisation.
4)         Workforce diversity is good for an organisation. Comment.
5)         What are the essentials for a good incentive plan?
6)         What do you understand by Six Sigma?
4. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of internal and external recruitment.                          10
Explain the various type of tests and interviews which are held during the selection process. Describe briefly.                10
5. “HRM is an important part in the proper functioning of an organisation.” Explain.                          10
Describe the status of a Human Resource Management is an organisation and the qualities he should posses.                10
6. Briefly describe the various factors influencing the determination of wage and salary structure of an organisation.    10
Discuss the different methods of job evaluation and how can they be made successful in an organisation.        10
7. What according to you are the emerging issues and challenges in human resource management?                        10
Write on any two of the following:                                                 5x2=10
a)         Learning Organisation.
b)         Repatriation.
c)          Impact of globalization on HRM.
d)         Distinction between Domestic and International HRM.


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