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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Gauhati University Question Papers:Human Resource Management-I (Nov-Dec’ 2015)

Full Marks: 80
Time: 3 hours
(The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions)
1. Choose the correct answer:                                           1x10=10

a)         Which one of the following is not a basic objective of Human Resource Management?
1)         Maximum individual development.
2)         Optimum use of financial resources.
3)         Desirable working relationship.
4)         Effective moulding of human resources.
b)         Which one is a quality of successful interviewer?
1)         He should be an elderly person.
2)         He must have a thorough understanding of the organisation.
3)         He should be fully trained in the art of interview.
4)         All of the above.
c)          The six sigma concept was popularized during 1990s by
1)         International Business Machine (IBM).
2)         Indian Tobacco Company (ITC).
3)         General Motors (GM).
4)         General Electric Company (GEC).
d)         The factor comparison method was first developed by
1)         E.F.L. Breach.
2)         Elton Mayo.
3)         E.J. Benge.
4)         None of the above.
e)         Placement occurs after
1)         Recruitment.
2)         Selection.
3)         Orientation.
4)         Wage determination.
f)          Which one of the following is a non-monetary incentive?
1)         Leave encashment.
2)         Attendance Bonus.
3)         Gratuity scheme.
4)         Better working conditions.
g)         In the context of HRM, downsizing strategy implies:
1)         Lowering down the size of an object.
2)         Elimination of certain jobs.
3)         Cutting the size of business operation.
4)         All of the above.
h)         Which among the following is not a technique of Job Analysis?
1)         Questionnaire.
2)         Job performance.
3)         Training.
4)         Interview.
i)           What levels of defects are acceptable under the Six Sigma process?
1)         .019 defects per million.
2)         3.4 defects per million.
3)         233 defects per million.
4)         6,210 defects per million.
j)           Which one of the following is not an advantage of Virtual Organisation?
1)         It is more flexible.
2)         Interpersonal Contracts is the basis of such organisation.
3)         It facilitates indirect and informal communication.
4)         It is extremely useful to overcome time and spaces constraints.
2. Write very short answer (within 30 words each) to any five questions:          2x5=10
1)         Write two demerits of downsizing of human resources.
2)         What is repatriation?
3)         What is work force diversity?
4)         Explain the term fringe benefits.
5)         What is Job Evaluation?
6)         Write two differences between Induction and Training Programme.
7)         Explain the concept of “Total Quality Management.”
3. Write short answers on any four of the following (within 150 words each):                                      5x4=20
1)         Explain any five operative functions of Human Resource Management.
2)         Discuss five characteristics of an ideal Human Resource Policy.
3)         Discuss the various steps involved in an ideal selection process.
4)         Discuss the point system of job evaluation with its merits and demerits.
5)         What is exit interview and how it is to be conducted?
6)         Give the meaning of recruitment and show its destination with selection.
4. Explain the important factors that are responsible for the growth of Human Resource Management.                                 10
Discuss the role played by the HR managers in managing various activities in his department.
5. What are the internal sources of recruitment? Why do organisations prefer internal sources of recruitment?                 5+5=10
Explain the various tests used by the employer for the selection of employees.           10
6. Describe the time wage and piece wage system of wage payment with their merits and demerits.                      10
What is incentive plans? Explain their benefits to the workers and the producers.   2+4+4=10
7. Write briefly on any two of the following:                             5x2=10
1)         Basic steps in international HR activities.
2)         Outsourcing of HRM functions.
3)         Structural Interview and Unstructured Interview.
4)         Techniques or procedure of Job Evaluation.


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