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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Gauhati University Question Papers:Human Resource Management-I (Nov-Dec’ 2014)

Full Marks: 80
Time: 3 hours
(The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions)
1. Choose the correct answer:

a)         ‘Kaizen’ means –
1)         All time improvement.
2)         Continuous or ongoing improvement.
3)         Temporary improvement.
4)         Improvement of working conditions.
b)         Rowan Premium Plan was developed by David Rowan in the year
1)         1910.
2)         1911.
3)         1901.
4)         1921.
c)          Which one of the following is a type of financial incentive?
1)         Better working conditions.
2)         Educational opportunities.
3)         Promotion policies.
4)         Leave encashment.
d)         Virtual organisation is also known as –
1)         Informal organisation.
2)         Technical organisation.
3)         Digital organisation.
4)         Mobile organisation.
e)         Selection tests that are designed to measure the proficiency achieved by a person is called:
1)         Judgement Tests.
2)         Projective Tests.
3)         Achievement Tests.
4)         Personality Tests.
f)          Which one of the following factors do not affect the International Human Resources Management?
1)         Economic Factors.
2)         Labour Cost Factors.
3)         Political Factors.
4)         Cultural Factors.
g)         The status of a Human Resources Manager can be analyzed:
1)         As a line manager.
2)         As a coordinator.
3)         As a staff manager.
4)         All of the above.
h)         When a company attracts talents from another firm by offering attractive pay packages and other terms and conditions it is known as:
1)         Outsourcing.
2)         Poaching.
3)         Hiring.
4)         Stimulating.
i)           Blue collar employees are those –
1)         Who receive wages on hourly daily or weekly basis?
2)         Who are provided blue colours uniform.
3)         Who work in blue colored machines?
4)         Who is paid remuneration on monthly or annual basis?
j)           Which one of the following benefits is not included at Employees’ State Insurance Act, 1948?
1)         Sickness Benefit.
2)         Maternity Benefit.
3)         Old age Benefit.
4)         Disablement Benefit.
2. Write very short answer (within 30 words each) to any five questions:          2x5=10
1)         What is Six Sigma?
2)         What is a Stress interview?
3)         Explain the meaning of fringe benefits.
4)         What is poaching?
5)         Explain two benefits offered by outsourcing to the HRM functions.
6)         Show two differences between personnel management and HRM.
7)         What is Halso Effects in interview?
3. Write short answer on any four of the following: (within 150 words each)       5x4=20
1)         What are the pre-requisites of a sound recruitment policy?
2)         Discuss the qualities of a good Human Resources Manager.
3)         Explain the external sources of recruitment preferred by an organisation.
4)         Describe the factors that affect the wage and salary structure in an organisation.
5)         What are the benefits of incentive scheme to the workers and the producers?
Distinguish between Domestic HRM and International HRM.
4. Discuss the significance of HRM from organizational, social and professional point of view.                       10
What are the future challenges to Human Resource Manager? Discuss.
5. What are the objectives of job evaluation? Discuss the factor comparison method of job evaluation with its merits and demerits.                                           10
Discuss the principles of wages and salary administration.
6. Give the meaning of Human Resource Information System. State the type of information generated by HRIS.               10
What is downsizing strategy? Suggest some measures to manage work force diversity effectively in modern organisation.
7. Write briefly on any two of the following:                                    5x2=10
a)         Outplacement.
b)         Voluntary recruitment Scheme (VRS)
c)          Benefits of Induction Programme.
d)         Steps in TQM process.


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