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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Gauhati University Question Papers:Human Resource Management-I (Management Major) (Nov-Dec’ 2017)

(Management Major)
Full Marks: 80
Time: 3 hours
(The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions)
1. Choose the correct answers:                                                     1x10=10

1)         _______ are responsible for assisting and advising line managers in areas like recruiting, hiring and compensation.
a)         Human Resource Manager.
b)         Staff Manager.
c)          Functional Manager.
d)         Board members.
2)         Minimum wage means:
a)         Wage sufficient to ensure the workman’s food, shelter, clothing, frugal comfort and provisions for adverse days.
b)         Wage paid in proportion to workman’s work efficiency.
c)          A wage sufficient to satisfy the workman’s basic needs.
d)         A sum of money paid under contract by an employer to a workman for service rendered.
3)         The poor quality of selection will mean extra cost on _______ and supervision.
a)         Training.
b)         Recruitment.
c)          Work quality.
d)         None of the above.
4)         Which of these is the most important external factor governing the fixation of wages?
a)         Sons of soil.
b)         Labour market.
c)          Unemployment rate.
d)         Business strategy.
5)         The purpose of job evaluation is to determine:
a)         Worth of a job in relation to other jobs.
b)         Time duration of a job.
c)          Expenses incurred to make a job.
d)         None of the above.
6)         Basis of job evaluation is:
a)         Job design.
b)         Job analysis.
c)          Job ranking.
d)         Any one of the above.
7)         Which of the following is an example of fringe benefit?
a)         Health and accident insurance.
b)         Contribution to superannuation funds.
c)          Leave facilities.
d)         All of the above.
8)         Which of the following is not an objective of wage incentive programme?
a)         Developing ownership interest.
b)         Improving employee retention.
c)          Reducing labour cost.
d)         Facilitating the separation of employees.
9)         Stock option and performance shares are example of:
a)         Base salary.
b)         Short-term incentive plan.
c)          Long-term incentive plan.
d)         All of the above.
10)      Wages which are usefully positioned above the minimum wages but below the living wages are described as:
a)         Real wages.
b)         Fair wages.
c)          Minimum wages.
d)         Living wages.
2. Write short answers on any five of the following within 30-40 words each:                                       2x5=10
a)         Mention the operative functions of Human Resource Management.
b)         What are the Scrutiny and Screening in selection?
c)          What are the various environmental factors which affect HR Management Practices?
d)         What are the pre-requisites for conducting tests for selection?
e)         List the factors taken into consideration in formulating recruitment policy.
f)          What do you mean by Placement and Induction?
g)         Write two distinctions between domestic and international HRM.
3. Write short answers on any four of the following within 150 words each:                                          5x4=20
1)         Discuss the impact of globalization on Human Resource Management practices.
2)         Discuss the Human Resource Management issues involved in a virtual organisation.
3)         What are the essential factors involved in success of a job evaluation programme?
4)         What are the distinct qualities of a good HR Manager?
5)         What are the requirements of good Wage Plan?
6)         What are the principal methods of wage payment?
4. Describe the evolution of HRM in Indian scenario.                                                                                       10
What are the challenges of HRM in the global environment?                                                                   10
5. Briefly explain the various method of job evaluation.                                                                                                 10
Discuss the objectives of wage and salary administration. Why is it important for the success of an organisation?             4+6=10
6. Why do organisation prefer internal source of recruitment? Explain the advantages and disadvantages of internal recruiting.                                                                                                                                                                           5+5=10
Explain the types of psychological tests used in selection process in industries.                                               10
7. Discuss the basic steps involved in International Human Resource Management.                          10
Define International Human Resource Management. Discuss the reasons for the emergence of International HRM. 4+6=10


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