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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Gauhati University Question Papers:Human Resource Management-I (Nov-Dec’ 2013)

Full Marks: 80
Time: 3 hours
(The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions)
1. Choose the correct answer:                                               1x10=10

a)         The linking pin role of the personnel manager indicates:
1)         Policy initiation by the personnel manager.
2)         Representative role of the personnel manager.
3)         Maintaining good industrial relations between management and workers.
4)         Leadership role by the personnel manager.
b)         Which one of the following is not an advantage of piece wage system?
1)         Incentive for Higher production.
2)         Insecurity to workers.
3)         Lesser supervision.
4)         Fairness.
c)          Human Resource Management is the management of employees’:
1)         Skills and aptitude.
2)         Abilities.
3)         Knowledge.
4)         All of the above.
d)         Which degree of health hazard exists in spite of installation of safety devices in factory?
1)         First Degree.
2)         Second Degree.
3)         Third Degree.
4)         Fourth Degree.
e)         TQM stands for:
1)         Total Quantity Management.
2)         Test Quality Management.
3)         Total Quality Management.
4)         Total Quality Manager.
f)          The point method of job evaluation is a –
1)         Qualitative technique.
2)         Quantitative technique.
3)         Field review technique.
4)         Both (1) and (2).
g)         Quality circle is associated with
1)         Disaster management.
2)         Impression management.
3)         Stress management.
4)         Participative management.
h)         ‘Golden Handshake’ is associated with which of the following area of HRM.
1)         Procurement.
2)         Compensation.
3)         Maintenance.
4)         Separation.
i)           In the selection process an interview which follows a set sequence is question is called _______.
1)         Structured interview.
2)         Unstructured interview.
3)         Field review technique.
4)         None of the above.
j)           The Factories Act was brought into effect in the year _______.
1)         1947.
2)         1948.
3)         1950.
4)         1954.
2. Write very short answers to any five questions (within 30 words):           2x5=10
1)         What is downsizing?
2)         What are the basic steps involved in International HR activities?
3)         What is repatriation?
4)         Describe Kaizen.
5)         What is a free interview?
6)         What are perquisites?
7)         What is the link between Globalization and HRM?
3. Write short answer on any four of the following (within 100 words):        4x5=20
1)         What are the essentials of a good selection policy?
2)         Describe the various types of fringe benefits.
3)         Distinguish between traditional and virtual organisation.
4)         Briefly describe the concept of six sigma.
5)         What are the objectives of wage and salary administration?
6)         What is learning organisation?
4. State the managerial and operative function of HRM.                      10
Define HRM. State how the concept of employees’ is undergoing changes in recent times.    10
5. What is job evaluation? How does it contribute to effective manpower planning in an organisation?                   10
What factors affect wages? Give your view regarding the wage policy adopted by the government in recent times.        10
6. Differentiate between internal and external recruitment process. Which process would you adopt in case of a software organisation?                              10
What do you understand by placement and induction? State the various objectives of induction.                        10
7. Write briefly on any two of the following:                                         5x2=10
1)         Retrenchment.
2)         Exit interview.
3)         Financial and non financial incentives.
4)         International human resource management.


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