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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Gauhati University Question Papers:Rural and Micro Finance (Nov-Dec’ 2011)

Full Marks: 80
Time: 3 hours
(The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions)
Answer all the questions.
All questions are compulsory.
1. Answer as directed:                                                  1x10=10

1)         According to population census 2011 of India, _______ percent of total population is Rural. (Fill in the gap.)
2)         Give the meaning of ‘Forest Resources’.
3)         Define ‘micro credit’.
4)         Give two examples of cottage industry.
5)         Write two principal institutional sources of rural finance.
6)         Define rural indebtedness.
7)         Who is an indigenous banker?
8)         Mention any two measures taken by Government of India to wipe out rural indebtedness.
9)         Mention any two principles of co-operation.
10)      What is PACCS?
2. Answer the following very briefly:                                              2x5=10
a)         Write four characteristics of rural economy.
b)         Mention four problems of agro-processing units.
c)          Mention the objectives of rural credit survey.
d)         List out any four consequences of rural indebtedness.
e)         What are the weaknesses of co-operative movement of India?
3. Answer the following in about 100 words:                                        5x4=20
(a) Explain the role of agriculture in Indian Economy.
Compare rural economy with that of urban economy.
(b) Explain the problems faced by handicrafts and handloom industries in Assam.
Describe the role of KVIB in rural industrialization.
(c) Describe the role of indigenous money lenders in providing rural credit.
Describe the measures available to solve the problem of rural indebtedness.
(d) Describe the functions of either GPSS or NABARD.
4. Answer the following:                                                              10x4=40
(a) Give in detail note on the population structure in India.
What is Rural Environment? How does it differ from Urban Environment? Illustrate your answer.
(b) Describe the various policies adopted by the Government for the development of rural industries.
Discuss the concept of micro-finance. How does it contribute in providing rural finance?
(c) Highlight on the policies adopted by RBI on rural credit.
Describe the role of commercial banks in providing rural credit.
(d) Write a critical note on co-operative movement in India.
Describe the various avenues available for long term agricultural finance in India.


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