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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Gauhati University Question Papers:Rural and Micro Finance (Nov-Dec’ 2014)

Full Marks: 80
Time: 3 hours
(The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions)
Answer all questions.
1. Answer the following as directed:                                               1x10=10

a)         State any two features of Indian rural economy.
b)         What is micro finance?
c)          Give the meaning of rural environment.
d)         What is meant by agro-processing industry?
e)         Name two principal agencies under unorganized sources of rural finance in India.
f)          Who is an indigenous banker?
g)         State the philosophy of Co-operatives.
h)         Give two examples of Cottage and Village Industries of Assam.
i)           Mention two features of professional money lenders.
j)           Generally the LDB is related with the:
1)         Short term fund.
2)         Long term fund.
3)         Both (1) and (2).
(Choose the correct option)
2. Answer the following in about 50 words each:                              2x5=10
a)         Discuss the role of forest resources of Assam.
b)         Give the reasons behind migration of people from rural to urban area.
c)          Mention two measures adopted by Government of India to remove the problems of rural indebtedness in India.
d)         Indicate four problems faced by rural industries of Assam.
e)         State two special characteristics of District Central Co-operative Bank.
3. Answer the following:
(a) Discuss the causes of the rural indebtedness in India.                         5
“Agriculture is the backbone of Indian economy”. Explain the statement.
(b) How can you differentiate the demographic features of rural area from urban area of our country?                  5
Write a note on government initiatives for the development of rural industries.            5
(c) Briefly describe the role of different institutional sources of rural finance in India.                  5
Discuss the role of PACS in providing rural credit.                     5
(d) State and discuss the structure of co-operative credit institutions in India.         5
Explain the procedure of micro credit delivery system in India.               5
4. (a) Write a note on the different segments of population structure in India.                                    10
Discuss the role of rural industries in the growth of Indian economy.                 10
(b) What are the objectives of rural credit survey? Give an idea about the pre-independence rural credit survey of India.                                                           3+7=10
Discuss the role of money lenders in providing rural credit. Also point out the distinction between money-lenders and indigenous bankers.                                          5+5=10
(c) Describe the functions of NABARD for the development of rural economy in India.       10
What are the weaknesses of co-operative credit institutions in India? State government initiatives to strengthen the development of co-operative banks                            5+5=10
(d) Write note on:
1)         Composition of rural economy in India.
2)         Role of handloom and handicraft industries in employment generation.        5+5=10
Discuss the role of various agencies involved in short-term finance to the agricultural sector in India.             10


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