AHSEC - Class 12 Question Papers: Anthropology' 2019

Full Marks : 70
Pass Marks : 21
Time : Three hours
The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions.
 1. Answer in short :                                                                                         1×5=5

a)         The Eskimo belongs to which racial group ?
b)         Who coined the term ‘Neolithic Revolution’ ?
c)          In which culture of Upper Palaeolithic period, home art began ?
d)         Mention the name of one matrilineal community of North-East India.
e)         Name one community of North-East India who practise Jhum cultivation.
2. Choose the correct answers :                                                                                1×3=3
a)         The external appearance of an organism is termed as genotype/phenotype.
b)         The term ecosystem was coined by Gordon Childe/A.G.Tansley.
c)          The Mishing practise Plough/Jhum cultivation.
3. What is Mendel’s Law of Segregation ?                                             2
4. What is an Antigen ?                                                                                  2
5. What do you mean by epicanthic fold ?                                             2
6. What is an Extended family ?                                                                 2
7. Distinguish between family of Orientation and family of Procreation. 2
8. What do you mean by Primitive or Simple economy ?                                2
9. What do you mean by hunting by disguise ?                                   2
10. Define ecology.                         2
11. What is a graver ? For what purpose was it used ?                     2
12. Mention two tool types of Mesolithic period.                              1+1=2
13. What is a pond ecosystem ? Illustrate with example.                                3
14. Who rediscovered Mendel’s Laws of Inheritance ? What is purity of gametes ?           1+2=3
15. What is bulb of percussion and negative bulb of percussion ?                                 1½+1½=3
16. Highlight the salient features of pressure flaking technique.                             3
17. Briefly describe the characteristic features of Joint family.                                                     3
18. Highlight the differences between care tool and flake tool.                                                   3
19. What is terrace cultivation ? Mention a tribe of North-East India who practise terrace cultivation.                       3+1=4
20. Write short notes on : (any two)                                                        3×2=6
a)         Ethnography
b)         Clustered relationship in nuclear family
c)          Buliang
d)         Polygynous and Polyandrous family.
21. What is a gene ? Discuss Mendel’s dihybrid ratio with diagram.                           1+3=4
Describe the sub-divisions of Mongoloid race with geographical distribution. 4
22. Provide a comparison on producing economy and collecting economy. 5
What do you understand by bi-lateral descent ? Discuss the significance of rules of descent in a society. 1+4=5
23. Provide a brief account on the social organization of the Apatanis.                     5
What is meant by Global warming ? Discuss the role of human activity in global warming.                      1+4=5

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