2019 AHSEC Salesmanship and Advertising (SAAD) Question Paper, AHSEC Class 12 Question Papers

AHSEC Salesmanship and Advertising (SAAD) Question Paper 2019
Full Marks – 100
Pass Marks – 30
Time – Three hours
The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions.

1. Answer as directed : 1×8=8

a)         Advertising agencies only prepare advertising plan. (Indicate whether True or False)     1
b)         The basic objective of advertisement is to create _______for the goods/services. (Fill in the blank)            1
c)           Newspaper is an indoor/outdoor media of advertisement.  (Choose the correct word)     1
d)          “Personal selling and salesmanship are synonymous terms”.            (Indicate whether True or False)           1
e)         “Radio advertisement is direct/indirect advertising”. (Choose the correct answer)           1
f)          What is creative Salesmanship ?                                                  1
g)         “Identification of target group is not the subject matter of market research”. (Indicate whether True or False)          1
h)         Good health is a physical/mental trait of a salesman. (Choose the correct word)          1
2. What is ‘ Topical Copy’ ?                                                                         2
3. What is sales report ?                                                                                      2
4. What is meant by “Patronage buying motives” ?                                                   2
5. Mention two services rendered by an advertising agency.                                      2
6. What is “Real response” in advertising ?                                                                2
7. Write a note on Public Relation Department.                                                         3
8. Briefly write the nature of Salesmanship.                                                               3
9. What is the importance of consumer protection ?                                                  3
10. What is meant by sales territory ? Why is it required ?                                   2+1=3
11. Write a note on the conference method of Salesman training.                                            3
12. What are the ways of evaluating the performance of a salesman ?Discuss in brief.             5
13. Write a short note on “Commission on Quota basis.”                                            5
14. What is “Buying Motive” ? What are the types of buying motive ?                       2+3=5
15. Write a note on the methods of recruitment of salesman.                                          5
16. What are different forms of publicity ? Discuss.                                                   5
17. Discuss the role of consumer organisations and NGOs with regard to consumer protection.     5
18. What are the factors that affect the buying motives in advertising ?              5
19. (a) Discuss the functions of advertising department.                                     8
(b) How does effectiveness of advertisement evaluated ? Explain.
20. (a) Discuss the essentials of a good advertising copy.                                   8
(b) Discuss the functions of the various departments of Sales Organisations.                 8
21. Discuss the objectives of Market Research.                                        8
22. Discuss the merits and demerits of Salesmanship.                              8

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