B.Com 2nd Year Question Papers (Distance): Indian Financial System' 2017

Paper: 206
(Indian Financial System)
Full Marks: 90
Time: 3 hours
The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions
1. Give direct answer: (any ten)                      1x10=10

1)         Write the full form of NPA.
2)         What is Call Money Market?
3)         Who regulate the Indian Capital Market?
4)         What is Savings Bank Account?
5)         Name the present Governor of Reserve Bank of India.
6)         When was the Reserve Bank of India established?
7)         What is Capital Market?
8)         What is Venture Capital?
9)         Write the full form of NABARD.
10)      Write one function of EXIM Bank.
11)      What is ‘Merchant Banking’?
2. Write short notes on:                           4x5=20
1)         Money Market Instruments.
2)         Rural Banking.
3)         Changing Role of R. B. I.
4)         Lease Financing.
5)         Functions of DFI.
3. (a) What do you mean by ‘Financial System’? What are the functions of a financial system? Write a brief note on financial services under Indian Financial System.          2+6+4=12
(b) What is ‘Money Market’? Give the structure of Indian Money Market and point out its deficiencies.                2+6+4=12
4. (a) What is ‘Commercial Bank’? What functions are executed by commercial banks in modern world?           2+10=12
(b) What are the special features of Regional Rural Banks? Discuss the functions of these banks.                        5+7=12
5. (a) “Central Bank is an apex financial institution of the Country’ – Elaborate.       12
(b) Discuss the functions of the Reserve Bank of India as banker’s bank and clearing house.   12
6. (a) What is ‘Primary Market’ and ‘Secondary Market’? What are the differences between Primary Market and Secondary Market?            2+2+8=12
(b) Examine the role played by SEBI in protecting investors’ interests and controlling the business at stock exchange. 6+6=12
7. (a) Write a note on the objectives and workings of the Small Industries Development Bank of India.             6+6=12
(b) Discuss about the objectives and functions of ICICI.   4+8=12


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