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Friday, July 19, 2019

B.COM 3RD YEAR DISTANCE QUESTION PAPERS: International Business' 2017

Paper: 305
(International Business)
Full Marks: 90
Time: 3 hours
The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions
1. Write the full forms of the following:          1x8=8

a)         EPCG.
b)         ADD.
c)          IQ.
d)         EPZ.
e)         EOU.
f)          ITO.
g)         IBRD.
h)         INR.
2. Write short notes on:                5x4=20
a)         Export Promotion Policies.
b)         EXIM Bank.
c)          SEZ.
d)         Bilateralism.
3. (a) Discuss the composition and direction of India’s foreign trade.        13
(b) Discuss the factors responsible for India not gaining a significant share in global market.      13
4. (a) Discuss the main features of India’s foreign trade policies.        12
(b) Define Exchange Control. Explain the objectives of exchange control in India.   2+10=12
5. (a) Discuss the role of commercial banks in India’s foreign trade. 12
(b) What are the various services exported from India? Explain.         12
6. (a) Write a note on constraints hampering India’s Export Promotion efforts.    12
(b) Discuss the role of Export Credit Guarantee Corporation.           12
7. (a) Define Joint Venture. Discuss the problems faced by Indian Joint Ventures abroad. 3+10=13
(b) What is Multilateralism? Explain the importance of multilateralism in the context of international business.   3+10=13


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