B.Com First Year Question Papers (Distance): Principles of Business Management' 2017

Paper: 106
(Principles of Business Management)
Full Marks: 90
Time: 3 hours
The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions
1. Fill in the blanks with appropriate word/words:               1x5=5

a)         Elton Mayo was the Pioneer of _______ theory.
b)         MBO was first described and advocated by _______ in his book “the Practice of Management.”
c)          Delegation is individualistic while decentralisation is _______.
d)         Motivation = Variance x _______ x Instrumentation.
e)         Economic Order Quantity (EOQ) is a technique of _______ _______ Control System.
2. Write short notes on:                            5x4=20
a)         Levels of Management.
b)         Management by objectives.
c)          Functional organisation.
d)         Non-financial Motivation.
e)         Budgetary Control.
3. (a) Discuss the objectives and scope of Management.           7+6=13
(b) Evaluate the basic features and merits of Scientific Management theory of F. W. Taylor.     7+6=13
4. (a) Why Planning is essential in a Business? How can it be made effective?           7+6=13
(b) Discuss the classification of Budget and the advantages of budget in business.        8+5=13
5. (a) What is line type of organisation? Discuss its merits and demerits.    3+5+5=13
(b) Discuss the importance of organisation and what steps are necessary for setting-up proper organisational structure in the business.                                                     7+6=13
6. (a) What is Motivation? Evaluate the “Need hierarchy theory of Motivation” of A. H. Maslow.                 3+10=13
(b) Discuss the “Qualities of a good leader and Functions of a successful leader”.   6+7=13
7. (a) Discuss the various steps of the Process of Control. Critically analyse the requirements of an effective Control System.          6+7=13
(b) Write notes on the following:
1)         Zero Based Budgeting.               4
2)         Break-Even analysis.                   4
3)         Programme Evaluation Review.            5


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