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Friday, July 19, 2019

B.Com First Year Question Papers (Distance): Principles of Business Management' 2014

Paper: 106
(Principles of Business Management)
Full Marks: 90
Time: 3 hours
The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions
1. (A) Answer the following:                               1x5=5

1)         Mention one of the significances of management.
2)         ‘Management is a group activity’ (Write true or false)
3)         What is planning?
4)         Mention one prime feature of organization.
5)         What is Likert’s System Management?
(B) Distinguish between any one:                           5
1)         Formal and Informal organization.
2)         Centralization and Decentralization.
(C) Write short notes on any four:                 5x4=20
1)         Functions of Management.
2)         Management by Objective.
3)         Strategic Planning.
4)         Importance of Motivation.
5)         Social Responsibility of Management.
6)         Traditional techniques of Control.
2. (a) “Management is concerned with ideas, things and people.” Comment.             12
(b) Write a brief note on the development of management thoughts.
3. (a) Describe the meaning and process of management by objectives.       3+9=12
(b) “Decision-making is problem solving in different situation” Discuss.             12
4. (a) Discuss the factors which are to be considered in choosing a suitable form of departmentation.                    12
(b) What do you mean by ‘Span of management’? Explain the factors which affect an effective span of management. 3+9=12
5. (a) Compare and contrast Maslow’s theory and Herzberg’s theory of motivation.      12
(b) “None of the leadership styles is fault proof”. Do you agree? Comment and explain.   12
6. (a) Briefly explain the modern techniques of control.              12
(b) Discuss in detail the steps involved in a control process.           12


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