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Friday, July 19, 2019

B.Com First Year Question Papers (Distance): Principles of Business Management' 2018

Paper: 106
(Principles of Business Management)
Full Marks: 90
Time: 3 hours
The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions
1. Answer the following questions as directed:

a)         Management is a pure science. (Write True or False)             1
b)         Who first propounded the principle of ‘esprit de crops’?       1
c)          Leadership is a dynamic and _______. (Fill in the blank)         1
d)         Mention two features of a good plan.                2
e)         Write the full form of TQM.            1
f)          Give one example of non-financial incentive.           1
g)         Authority can be delegated, but cannot be delegated. (Fill in the blank)          1
2. Write short notes on: (any three)             4x3=12
a)         ‘Contingency approach’ of management.
b)         Qualities of a good leader.
c)          Herzberg’s theory of motivation.
d)         Bases of departmentation.
3. (a) Describe the nature of business management.                  14
(b) Describe in brief the evolution of management thought.            14
4. (a) Discuss the meaning and process of Management by Objectives.      4+10=14
(b) What do you mean by ‘Decision Making Process’? Briefly discuss the various steps involved in the decision making process.                          4+10=14
5. (a) What do you mean by ‘Centralization’ and ‘Decentralization’? Distinguish between the two.       2+2+10=14
(b) What is ‘Span of management’? Explain its significance.          4+10=14
6. (a) Explain the importance of leadership in an organisation. Briefly discuss the various styles of leadership.     7+7=14
(b) Compare and contrast Maslow and Herzberg’s theory of motivation.           14
7. (a) What do you mean by ‘Managerial Control’? Briefly describe the different steps of managerial control.      4+10=14
(b) Write an explanatory note on ‘Traditional and Modern’ techniques of control.    7+7=14


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