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Friday, July 19, 2019

B.Com First Year Question Papers (Distance): Principles of Business Management' 2013

Paper: 106
(Principles of Business Management)
Full Marks: 90
Time: 3 hours
The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions
1. (A) Answer the following:                   1x10=10
a)         Mention one of the objectives of management.
b)         Why management is called a group activity?
c)          State one of the features of planning.
d)         Write one objective of organising.
e)         Management is a pure science. (Write True or False)
(B) Distinguish between any one:                       5
1)         Centralization and Decentralization.
2)         Planning and Controlling.
(C) Write short notes on any four:                    5x4=20
1)         Contingency approach of management.
2)         Decision making process.
3)         Departmentation.
4)         Leadership styles.
5)         Social responsibility of management.
2. (a) Describe the nature and functions of management.              7+8=15
(b) Give a brief account of management thought.       15
3. (a) What do you mean by Planning? Discuss the process of Planning in detail.       6+9=15
(b) Describe the meaning and process of ‘Management by Objectives’.            15
4. (a) Discuss the nature and importance of organisation.      7+8=15
(b) Define span of management. Discuss the factors determining the span of management.   6+9=15
5. (a) What is motivation? Explain its importance.                   6+9=15
(b) Discuss in detail the steps involved in a control process.              15

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