Dibrugarh University (M.Com - Distance) - Managerial Economics (Aug' 2011)

2011 (August)
Paper: 105
Full Marks: 80
Time: 3 hours

1.       (a) “ A managerial economist takes two types of decision, i.e., specific decisions and general decisions.” Discuss about the various decisions taken by the managerial economist in a large firm.   16

(b) Distinguish between economic theory and Managerial economics with suitable examples.

2.       (a) What do you mean by Individual Demand and Market demand? Discuss in detail about the determinants of Individual demand and Market Demand. 16
(b) What is income elasticity of demand? Discuss the various types of Income elasticity of Demand. 6+10=16

3.       (a) Explain the term “Demand Forecasting”. What are the criteria to be taken into consideration for choosing a good demand forecasting method? Explain those criteria. 6+10=16
(b) Write short notes on the following:  8x2=16
                                             i.         Demand Estimation of Capital (Producer’s) goods
                                           ii.         Sample survey method of demand forecasting

4.       (a)Explain briefly any two of the following:          8x2=16
                                             i.         International Price discrimination and dumping
                                           ii.         Transfer Pricing
                                          iii.         Pricing Policy of large enterprises
                                         iv.         Administered Pricing
5.       (a) “Demand Pull Inflation is a situation when the market demand rises more rapidly than the production potential of the economy”. In the light of the above statement, discuss about demand pull inflation.  16
(b) “Cyclical fluctuations are necessary for economic growth.” Discuss the statement.

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