Dibrugarh University (M.Com - Distance) - Managerial Economics (Aug' 2010)

2010 (August)
Paper: 105
Full Marks: 80
Time: 3 hours

1.       (a) What do you understand by the term Managerial Economics? Discuss its Scope and Function. 4+12=16

(b) “Managerial Economics is economics applied in decision making.” Discuss.

2.       (a) Distinguish between the following:
(i)      Industry Demand and Firm (Company) Demand.
(ii)    Durable goods demand and Non-Durable goods Demand.    8*2=16
(b) Explain the role of price, income, cross elasticities of demand in business decisions.  16

3.       (a) How do demand forecasting methods for new products vary from those of established products? Discuss briefly.   16
(b) Outline the various steps which would be necessary if you were asked to forecast demand for a typical mass consumption item.   16

4.       (a)Discuss in detail when price discrimination is possible. Do you think that price discrimination is possible under perfect competition? Give reasons.  10+6=16
(b) What do you mean by pricing policy? Discuss the general considerations that are to be taken into account for taking up a pricing policy.   6+10=16
5.       (a) Critically discuss the views that the trade cycle is purely a monetary phenomenon.  16
(b) Compare and Contrast on Demand pull inflation and Cost push inflation.   16

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