M.Com Previous Year Question Papers: Entrepreneurship Development (August' 2008)

2008 (August)
Paper: 104
Full Marks: 80
Time: 3 hours

Answer all questions. The questions are of equal Marks (16 Marks each).
1.       (a) Detail out the differences between entrepreneur and enterprise and entrepreneurs and managers.
(b) Elaborate the literature description of entrepreneur and entrepreneurship.
2.       (a)Explain the different views on entrepreneurship put forwarded by Schumpeter, Walker and Drucker.
(b) Explain the entrepreneurial competencies of an Entrepreneur.
3.       (a) Elucidate the entrepreneurial decision-making in small firms.
(b) Elucidate as how to approach a lending institution for a term loan by an entrepreneur.
4.       (a) Explain the nature of enterprising activities and the various strategies and approaches for EDPs.
(b) Give and imaginary module of an EDP and justify the points.
5.       (a) In the context of the status of entrepreneurship in the North-eastern Region, explain the social and institutional issues.
(b) With the help of examples, explain the factors impeding the growth of entrepreneurship in the North-eastern region.

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