M.Com Previous Year Question Papers: Entrepreneurship Development (August' 2016)

Paper: 104
(Entrepreneurship Development)
Full Marks – 80
Time – Three Hours
The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions.
Answer the following

1. (a) Explain the literary description of the words ‘entrepreneur’ and ‘entrepreneurship’.      16

(b) Define entrepreneurs in small firms.                            16
2. (a) Compare and contrast the views of Schumpeter, Walber and Drucker on entrepreneurship.     16
(b) Highlight the ‘Theory of Transaction Cost’ with the help of an example.                      16
3. (a) How would you identify and evaluate business opportunities?                                       16
(b) Explain the role of SIDBI on entrepreneurship development.                                           16
4. (a) Detail out a EDP module for an assumed target group.                                        16
(b) What are the various strategies and approaches for EDPs?
5. (a) What is entrepreneurship development vis-à-vis economic development in North-East?       16
(b) What is an entrepreneurship development vis-à-vis social issue in North-East?                       16

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