M.Com Previous Year Question Papers: Entrepreneurship Development (August' 2009)

2009 (August)
Paper: 104
Full Marks: 80
Time: 3 hours

Answer all questions. The questions are of equal value.
1.       (a) Explain the position of Entrepreneurs in small firms
(b) Bring out the differences between Entrepreneur and Entrepreneurship.
2.       (a) Show the contribution of Ronald coarse of entrepreneurial development.
(b) Schumpeter, Walker and Drucker have different views on entrepreneurship. According to you, whose views are substantial for entrepreneurial development? Give your opinion.

3.       (a) Explain the process of identifying and evaluating business opportunities.
(b) Explain the assistance provided by National bank for agriculture and rural development of the entrepreneurs.

4.       (a) What should be the content and coverage of Entrepreneurship Development Programmes?
(b) What are the various strategies and approaches for Entrepreneurship Development Programmes?

5.       (a) Briefly explain the social and institutional issues in reference to entrepreneurship development in the North-East region.
(b)Do you think entrepreneurship development shall accelerate economic development of North-eastern region? Justify with reasons.

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