M.Com Previous Year Question Papers: Entrepreneurship Development (August' 2014)

( August)
Course : 104
( Entrepreneurship Development )
Full Marks : 80
Time : 3 hours
The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions.

1. (a) Elucidate the literature description of the term entrepreneur and entrepreneurship.        16

(b) Explain the parameters entrepreneurs in small firms adopt.                                         16
2. (a) What are competencies? Explain five entrepreneurial competencies with the help of a example. 4+12=16
(b) Explain the theory of transaction with the help of an example.                                    16

3. (a) How would as an entrepreneur identify and evaluate business opportunities? 16
(b) Explain the multiple aspects of distribution marketing decision making in large companies. 16

4. (a) Give a module of EDP of potential target group.     16
(b) What are the various strategies and approaches for EDPs in India?      16
5. (a) Show the relevance of entrepreneurship and economic development.              16
(b) Describe some social and institutional uses for the growth of entrepreneurship in North East India. 16

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