Dibrugarh University Question Papers: Principles of Marketing (3rd Semester - Nov' 2018)

2018 (November)
COMMERCE (Speciality)
Course: 301 (Principles of Marketing)
The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions
Full Marks: 80
Pass Marks: 24
Time: 3 hours
1. Answer the following as directed:                                                          1x8=8
a)         _______ is an impersonal and paid tool of promotional mix. (Fill in the blank)
b)         Food habit is the _______ component of marketing environment. (Fill in the blank)
c)          Personality is the _______ determinant of consumer behaviour. (Fill in the blank)
d)         Market segmentation is a consumer-oriented marketing strategy. (Write True or False)
e)         The terms ‘need’ and ‘want’ are used interchangeably in the marketing literature. (Write True or False)
f)          Branding of a product is the device of product differentiation. (Write True or False)
g)         The main aims of promotion are informing, persuading and _______. (Fill in the blank)
h)         _______ are the specialized means of transportation designed to move the items like gas, crude oil, chemicals, etc.
2. Write short notes on any four of the following:                                4x4=16

a)         Components of product mix.
b)         Modern approach of marketing.
c)          Buying motives.
d)         Importance of price in marketing mix.
e)         Product labeling.
f)          The role of wholesaler.
3. (a) “Marketing is different from market.” Explain. Discuss briefly the scope of marketing. 6+8=14
(b) What is promotion mix? Discuss the important variables of promotion mix.   4+10=14
4. (a) What is consumer behaviour? Discuss the major influencing factors of consumer behaviour. 4+10=14
(b) Discuss the benefits of market segmentation. Explain the requisites of a good segmentation.   6+8=14
5. (a) What do you understand by product planning? Discuss its objectives and components.      2+ (6+6) =14
(b) Critically discuss the functions of packaging. What are the requisites of a good packaging?   7+7=14
6. (a) Explain the objectives of advertising. Discuss the social and economic effects of advertising.  7+7=14
(b) What are the different modes of transport? Discuss the factors governing the selection of transport media.    10+4=14
Full Marks: 80
Pass Marks: 32
Time: 3 hours
1. (a) Write True or False:                                                                                       1x5=5
1)         In modern day marketing, the term ‘market’ refers to the place where buyers and sellers meet for the exchange of goods and services.
2)         Toothpaste is an example of consumer product.
3)         Advertising is not an element of marketing mix.
4)         The scope of marketing and selling are same.
5)         Durable products are normally consumed in one or few uses.
(b) Fill in the blanks:                                                                                         1x3=3
1)         _______ focuses on transferring the title and possession of goods from sellers to consumers.
2)         _______ provides all important information about the product.
3)         Personal selling develops personal _______ with consumers to increase demand for company’s products.
2. Write short notes on any four of the following:                                              4x4=16
a)         Functions of packaging.
b)         Inventory control.
c)          Warehousing.
d)         After-sales service.
e)         Skimming price policy.
f)          4P’s of marketing mix.
3. (a) Distinguish between traditional and modern concepts of marketing.                   11
(b) Discuss the importance of marketing environment analysis.                             11
4. (a) What do you mean by market segmentation? Explain briefly the market segmentation procedure.               3+8=11
(b) What do you understand by consumer behaviour? Explain its significance in marketing.   3+8=11
5. (a) What is meant by product planning? Discuss the basic components of product planning. 3+8=11
(b) What is branding? Discuss the merits of branding to manufacturers and customers.        3+8=11
6. (a) Describe in short, the factors that influence product-pricing decisions.                            11
(b) Explain the concept of sales promotion. Discuss its importance in marketing managemen.  3+8=11
7. (a) Write a comparative note on the services rendered by the retailers and the wholesalers to the producers. 6+6=12
(b) What is channel of distribution? Discuss the factors governing the choice of channels of distribution.                4+8=12

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