NIOS Solved Papers: Business Studies (319) - April' 2018

Business Studies (319)
April’ 2018
1. The process of identifying and grouping the work to be performed and defining and determining the responsibility and authority for each job position is:            1
(A) Planning
(B) Organizing
(C) Controlling
(D) Coordination
2. Which general principle of management implies encouraging initiative among its personnel for chalking out and execution of a plan to achieve the desired results?                        1
(A) Order
(B) Equity
(C) Initiative
(D) Esprit de corps
3. When the receiver and sender of message do not trust each other, it may result into the type of barrier to effective communication, which is                             1
(A) Psychological
(B) Semantic
(C) Organizational
(D) Personal
4. Creating accountability is a step in the process of                       1
(A) Organizing
(B) Delegation
(C) Decentralization
(D) Planning
5. The full form of IIBI is                                               1
(A) International Investment Bank of India
(B) Industrial Investment Bank of India
(C) Indian Investment Bank for Industries
(D) None of the above
6. The maturity period of ‘certificate of deposit’ ranges from                     1
(A) 15 days to 60 days
(B) 45 days to one year
(C) 91 days to one year
(D) 91 days to 180 days
7. When a cooler is being offered at a discounted price to customers during the winter season, then the sales promotion tool being used is:                          1
(A) Price off
(B) Bonus offer
(C) Discount coupon
(D) Money refund offer
8. The most suitable channel of distribution for distributing milk will be                              1
(A) three-stage channel of distribution
(B) two-stage channel of distribution
(C) one-stage channel of distribution
(D) zero-stage channel of distribution
9. The document prepared by the master of the ship acknowledging the receipt of goods is called         1
(A) Mate’s receipt
(B) bill of lading
(C) dock Challan
(D) entry bill
10. In which consumer court the complaint can be filed when the compensation claimed is R 18 lakhs?                                1
(A) State Commission
(B) District Forum
(C) National Commission
(D) Any of the above consumer court
11. How is management ‘a social process’ and ‘an integrating process’? Explain briefly.               3
Ans: Management is a Social Process: The most important aspect of management is handling people organised in work groups. This involves developing and motivating people at work and taking care of their satisfaction as social beings. All managerial actions are primarily concerned with relations between people and so it is treated as a social process.
Management is an Integrating Process: All the functions, activities, processes and operations are intermixed among themselves. It is the task of management to bring them together and proceed in a coordinated manner to achieve desired result. In fact, without integration of men, machine and material and coordination of individual efforts to contribute successfully as a team, it will be difficult to achieve organisational goals.
12. State any three characteristics of controlling function of management.         3
Ans: Control is one of the managerial functions. Under controlling deviations are sought to be noticed in the actual work progress and the standards already determined, the causes of deviations are found out and corrective action is taken so that in future the mistakes are not repeated.
Nature or Characteristics of Control
1)      Control is a function of management: It is, in fact, a follow-up action to the other functions of management.
2)      Control is a dynamic process: It involves continuous review of standards of performance and results in corrective action, which may lead to changes in other functions of management.
3)      Control is a continuous activity: It does not stop anywhere.
13. What is meant by bank overdraft?                   3

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