NIOS Solved Papers: Business Studies (319) - Oct' 2019

2019’ October
[Time: 3 Hours]
[Maximum Marks: 100]

1. Purchase of fixed assets is financed through :     1
A.      Long Term Finance
B.      Short Term Finance
C.      A mix of both Short term and Long term finance
D.      Medium Term Finance
2. Communication of ideas to the supervisors is :   1 
A.      Downward Communication
B.      Upward Communication
C.      Horizontal Communication
D.      Diagonal Communication
3. Which concept of marketing emphasizes greater importance to attracting and persuading customer to buy the products?    1
A.      Production Concept
B.      Product Concept
C.      Sales Concept
D.      Marketing Concept
4. Which consumer right suggests that consumer has a right to register his/her dissatisfaction?   1
A.      Right to choose
B.      Right to Safety
C.      Right to be heard
D.      Right to be informed
5. Deposits that can be withdrawn by the lender by giving it one day notice are called:                                               1

A.      Call Deposits.
B.      Cash Credit.
C.      Bank Overdraft.
D.      Trade Credit. 

6. Instruments with maturity period of less than one year are traded in:     1
A.      Capital Market
B.      Money Market
C.      Bombay Stock Exchange
D.      National Stock Exchange
7. A network of social relationship that arises spontaneously due to interaction at work is called:   1
A.      Formal Organization
B.      Informal Organization
C.      Decentralization
D.      Delegation
8. Name the type of plan which refers to future of organization :     1
A.      Objectives
B.      Strategies
C.      Procedures
D.      Rules
9. It is instrument of short term borrowing issued by RBI on behalf of Indian Government :    1
A.      Call Money
B.      Certificate of deposit
C.      Commercial Paper
D.      Treasury Bill
10. Publicity refers to :    1
A.      Paid form of impersonal communication
B.      Non paid form of Personal communication
C.      Paid form of Personal communication
D.      Non paid form of impersonal communication
11. How does planning lead to economy and efficiency in operation?           3
Ans: Planning leads to economy and efficiency in operations because it helps in selecting best methods out of available choices, thus, reducing overlapping and wasteful activities. While planning, alternatives are evaluated and a choice is made regarding which course of action is to be followed.
12. Why packaging is important?        3
Ans: Packaging is the act of designing and producing appropriate container or cover for the product. Packaging protects the product from damage. It helps to identify a product. It enables convenient handling of the product. As package increases the sale of a product, it acts as a silent salesman.
13. What is meant by Consumer Cooperative Stores? Explain two merits of Consumer Cooperative Stores.          3
Ans: Consumer Cooperative Store is another form of large scale retail trade which is owned by the cooperative society. When the consumers of a particular area or group find it difficult to get the items of daily necessity they usually form a cooperative society and run the retailing business. The consumer cooperative store purchase the goods directly from manufacturers or dealers and make them available at a cheaper price. Let us seethe various merits of consumer cooperative stores.
Merits of Consumer Cooperative Stores:
(a)The consumer cooperative stores generally provide the goods at a lower price than the market, because they eliminate the profits of middlemen in the process of distribution.
(b)These stores sell the goods on cash basis. So the risk of bad debts is avoided.
(c)These stores are generally located near the residential area for the convenience of the members as well as general public.

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