AHSEC - Class 11 Question Papers: BIOLOGY' 2016

Full Marks: 70

Time: 3 hours
The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions
Part – I (Botany)
1. Define species.                                                   1
2. Why apple is called false fruit?                1
3. What is Kranz anatomy?                                               1
4. Write the importance of herbaria.                        2
5. Draw and label and prothalus of fern.                      2
6. Differentiate between parasitic and epiphytic plants with examples.               2
7. Write the functions of stomata.                                                                                                            2
8. Explain the specific role of cytokinin in plant growth and development.          2
9. Write the structure and functions of Golgi complex with diagram.         1+1+1=3
10. Name different types of RNA. Mention their functions.              1+2=3
11. Explain the role of macronutrients found in plants.             3
12. Discuss the Blackman’s law of limiting factor with the help of graphic representation.    3
13. “Flower is a modified shoot”. Justify the statement.               5
14. What is Ascent of sap? Describe the transpiration pull and cohesion of water theory.  1+4=5
Write the Tricarboxylic Acid Cycle of plant respiration.                 5

Part – II (Zoology)
1. Fill in the blanks:                      1x5=5
a)         _____ chambered heart is found in Amphibia.
b)         Water vascular system is a distinctive feature of _____.
c)          Meosis is also called _____ division.
d)         The protein found in Milk is _____.
e)         _____ was the link between reptiles and birds.
2. Write the answer very briefly: (Any four)                          1x4=4
a)         What is diphyodont dentition?
b)         What is heparin?
c)          Which is the largest part of the brain?
d)         What is gastrin?
e)         What is ink gland?
f)          What is hirudin?
3. Write the difference between the following: (any two)                                                            2x2=4
1)         Cytokinesis and Karyokinesis.
2)         Axon and Dendron.
3)         Endocrine gland and exocrine gland.
4)         Prototheria and eutheria.
4. Answer the following briefly: (Any three)                        2x3=6
a)         Why Amoeba is called immortal?
b)         Write the function of vasopressin hormone.
c)          Why Villi are present only in intestine not in the stomach?
d)         Write the significance of meosis.
e)         Why spleen is called graveyard of Red Blood Corpuscles?
5. Write short note on: (Any two)                              3x2=6
1)         Primates.
2)         Phagocytosis.
3)         Cutancous respiration.
4)         Blood coagulation.
5)         Nephron.
6. What is hormone? Write the chemical nature of hormone. Mention the four important functions of thyroxine hormone.                                                                 1+2+2=5
What is nervous system? Draw a labeled diagram of a nuron. Write the functions of automatic nervous system.  1+2+2
7. What is respiration? Name the different parts of human respiratory system. How diaphragm help in inspiration and expiration?                                                         1+2+2=5
What is bile? How bile pigments are formed? Write the role of bile indigestion. 1+2+2=5


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