AHSEC - Class 11 Question Papers: Logic and Philosophy' 2016

Full Marks: 100
Time: 3 hours
The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions

1. Answer the following questions:                                                                          1x12=12
a)         What is the ideal of logic?
b)         Find out the correct answer:
          Logic is a positive science / normative science.
c)          How many kinds of propositions are there according to modern classification of proposition?
d)         The copula of a proposition is a term – Is it true?
e)         What is the name of the subject of conclusion of a syllogism?
f)          Fill in the blank:
          FERIO is a valid mood of _____ figure.
g)         Find out the correct answer:
          Immediate inference has one / two / three premises.

i)           Innate ideas are a priori – Is it true?
j)           Name the theory of the origin of knowledge with which the statement ‘Esse est percipi’ is connected.
k)         How many pramanas are accepted in Indian Philosophy?
l)           How many non-vedic systems are there in Indian Philosophy?
2. Give two examples of normative science.                                                        2
3. Define: Subject term.                                                                                                2
4. Which terms is distributed in a universal proposition?                                                2
5. Give example – Class-membership proposition.
6. Reduce any one of the following sentences into proper logical proposition and state the distributed term in the proposition.                                                       2x2=4
a)         Each man is mortal.
b)         Only the graduates are eligible for the post.
7. How many valid moods are thee in the second figure of a syllogism?                                  2
8. Define middle term with suitable example.                                                                                     2
9. What do you mean by figure of syllogism?                                                       2
10. How many terms are there in a syllogism?                                                     2
11. Mention any one characteristic of Indian Philosophy.                               2
12. Name any two Vedic Systems of Indian Philosophy.                                                 2
13. What is proposition according to Aristotle? What are the different parts of proposition?   1+3=4
Distinguish between the following: Sentence and proposition.                    4
14. Mention various forms of compound proposition with suitable examples.                     4
15. Define syllogism. State three general rules of categorical syllogism                  1+3=4
Test the validity of any one of the following arguments.                         4
a)         My arm touches the table. The table touches the floor. Therefore, my arm touches the floor.
b)         All Assamese are intelligent. All Marathis are intelligent. Therefore, all Marathis are Assamese.
16. Construct truth table for any one of the following statements and find out whether it is tautologous, contradictory or contingent.  4

Write short note on any one of the following:                                                    4
a)         Variable.
b)         Logical constant.
17. Symbolic any two of the following:                                                                   2x2=4
a)         It is false that grasses are not green.
b)         Alakesh is good and Sauravi is intelligent.
c)          If it rains, then the crops will grow.
18. What are the main branches of philosophy?                                                 4
19. Mention four points of difference between Vedic and Non-Vedic philosophy.                            4
20. State four characteristics of rationalism.                                                         4
21. State four characteristics of empiricism.                                                         4
22. Mention four points of difference between realism and idealism.               4
23. Describe the scope of logic.                                                                                  6
Explain the utility of the study of logic.                                                                             6
24. What is symbolic logic? Briefly explain four characteristics of symbolic logic.     2+4=6
What is truth table? Construct truth table for any two basic truth functions.                                  
25. Describe briefly the relation between philosophy and metaphysics.         6
Explain briefly the relation between philosophy and science.           6
26. What is realism? Briefly explain four characteristics of realism.             2+4=6
What is idealism? Briefly explain four characteristics of idealism.      2+4=6


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