AHSEC - Class 11 Question Papers: Salesmanship and Advertising' 2015

Full Marks: 100 Pass Marks: 30
Time: 3 hours
(The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions.)

1. Answer as directed:      1x8=8
a)   Good health is a physical/mental trait of a salesman. (Choose the correct word)
b)      What is salesmanship?
c)    Advertisement is a personal/non-personal communication. (Choose the correct word)
d)      Who is a travelling salesman?
e)         Write a disadvantage of radio advertisement.
f)    Who is an undecided customer?
g)   Which of the following is not an indoor advertising?
                           i.      Radio advertising.
                         ii.      Cinema advertising
                        iii.      Television advertising
                       iv.      Travelling displays
h)      Who is a specialty salesman?
2. Write about Industrial salesman.   2
3. What is sales talk?  2
4. Write briefly on indoor salesman. 2
5. What is window dressing?   2
6. What is publicity?   2
7. Write a note on truth in advertising.         3
8. Write briefly on buying motive.   3
9. Distinguish between salesmanship and advertising. (any three)       3
10. Write about mural advertising.    3
11. Write three merits of direct mail advertising.   3
12. Explain the various types of customers.    3
13. Write on interior and exterior display of goods.      5
14. Explain the different techniques of selling.  5
15. Distinguish between retail salesman and wholesale salesman.  5
16. How should a salesman deal with a woman customer? Explain.    5
17. Briefly explain five merits of magazine advertising.      5
18. Explain the various forms of direct advertising.      5
19. Discuss the factors that should be considered while selecting a medium of advertising.     8
Discuss the benefits of advertising.      8
20. Discuss the origin and development of salesmanship.        8
Discuss the various techniques of sales talk.             8
21. Explain the different channels of distribution available to a producer.           8
Discuss the various techniques of sales talk.     8
22. What is television advertising? Briefly explain the merits and demerits of television advertising.      2+6=8
What is press publicity? How does it differ from film publicity?        2+6=8

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