AHSEC - Class 11 Question Papers: Salesmanship and Advertising' 2019

Full Marks: 100, Pass Marks: 30
Time: 3 hours
(The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions.)

1. Answer as directed:     1x8=8
a)Advertising is the main basis of selling. (Write True or False)
b)   Honesty has been considered as the best policy in selling. (Write True or False)
c) Usually the objection of a customer is ‘rise in price’. (Write True or False)
d)   Sales talk should be planned and meaningful. (Write True or False)
e)      Publicity and advertising are personal act. (Write True or False)
f) Advertisement is an investment. (Write True or False)
g)What is meant by classified advertisement?
h)   Newspaper advertisement is costlier than television advertisement. (Write True or False)
2. What is ‘sales manual ’?  2
3. What is meant by ‘house salesman’?  2
4. Who are mobile retailers? 2
5. For the first time, when was the first advertisement aired in All India Radio?      2
6. What is meant by ‘direct-mail advertising’?       2
7. Write three characteristics of departmental store.     3
8. Write a short note on ‘super market’. 3
9. Write a short note on ‘advertising budget’.   3
10. Write a short note on ‘advertisement in radio media’.           3
11. Write three advantages of TV advertising.          3
12. Explain the main basis of selling.     5
13. Elaborate the personality of retail salesman.     5
14. Explain the importance of publicity and advertising.     5
15. What is ‘prospects’ in advertising? Explain. 5
16. Discuss the importance of signboard of a shop with examples.    5
17. Write a note on mural advertising.   5
18. Explain in brief the various factors affecting the choice of newspapers for advertisement.       5
19. (a) “Salesmanship is a science as well as an art”. Explain with examples.      8
(b) “Salesmanship is the foundation of a business”. Explain.
20. (a) “It is difficult to understand customers psychology”. Do you agree? Justify.    8
(b) Explain the various psychological traits of a successful salesman.
21. (a) Discuss the differences between indoor and outdoor salesman.        8
(b) Discuss the type of salesman with examples.
22. (a) Discuss the advantages of direct-mail advertising.            8
(b) Explain the various forms of direct-mail advertising.


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