AHSEC - Class 11 Question Papers: Salesmanship and Advertising' 2018

Full Marks: 100 Pass Marks: 30
Time: 3 hours
(The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions.)

1. Answer as directed:      1x8=8
a)Who is a retail salesman?
b)   A travelling salesman operates within the establishment. (Indicate True or False)
c) Write a feature of window dressing.
d)   What is mural advertising?
e)      A customer who thinks he is always right is known as? (Choose the correct answer)
                           i.      Rude customer
                         ii.      Determined customer
                        iii.      Conceited customer
                       iv.      Argumentative customer
f) Write one disadvantage of magazine advertising.
g)Write a function of advertisement.
h)   Curiosity is not a buying motive. (Indicate True or False)
2. What is salesmanship?      2
3. What is selling point?     2
4. Write two qualities of a good salesman. 2
5. What is publicity?     2
6. What is direct mail advertising?       2
7. Write a note on creative salesmanship.     3
8. Write briefly on the basis of selling.      3
9. Distinguish between Advertising and Publicity.    3
10. Write three limitations of advertising.   3
11. Mention three advantages of exhibition.   3
12. Explain the role of psychology in selling.      5
13. Explain the different types of customers.      5
14. Write a note on customer’s psychology.      5
15. Write about the modes of closing a sale.     5
16. Explain the importance of advertising in modern business.    5
17. Explain five advantages of mural advertising.      5
18. Write five disadvantages of radio advertising.     5
19. Discuss the various duties and responsibilities of a salesman.          8
Who is a wholesaler? How could a wholesaler sell his products directly to the customer? Explain.   2+6=8
20. Explain the different channels of distribution available to a producer.      8
Discuss the role of wholesaler in modern distribution system.   8
21. What is newspaper advertising? Explain its advantages.         2+6=8
What is film medium publicity? Explain its importance.     2+6=8
22. Explain the merits and demerits of direct mail advertising.      4+4=8

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