B.Com. (Hons.) (CBCS)
Semester - II
(In English)
Full Marks: 50 (Internal Assessment 10 + 40 End-Term)
Objective: To equip students of the B.Com (Hons.) course effectively to acquire skills in reading, writing, comprehension and communication, as also to use electronic media for business communication.
Unit 1: Introduction to Business Communication:            6 L                           Marks: 08

Nature of Communication, Process of Communication, Types of Communication (verbal & Non Verbal), Importance of Communication, Different forms of Communication
Barriers to Communication Causes, Linguistic Barriers, Psychological Barriers, Interpersonal Barriers, Cultural Barriers, Physical Barriers, Organizational Barriers.
Unit 2: Business Correspondence            6 L                           Marks: 08
Letter Writing, presentation, Inviting quotations, Sending quotations, Placing orders, Inviting tenders, Sales letters, claim & adjustment letters and social correspondence, Memorandum, Inter - office Memo, Notices, Agenda, Minutes, Job application letter, preparing the Resume.
Unit 3: Report Writing                                   16 L                                        Marks: 08
Business reports, Types, Characteristics, Importance, Elements of structure, Process of writing, Order of writing, the final draft, and check lists for reports.
Unit 4: Vocabulary                                          6 L                           Marks: 08
Words often confused Words often misspelt, Common errors in English.
Unit 5: Oral Presentation             6 L                           Marks: 08
Importance, Characteristics, Presentation Plan, Power point presentation, Visual aids.
Suggested Readings:
1)      Bovee, and Thill, Business Communication Essentials, Pearson Education.
2)      Shirley Taylor, Communication for Business, Pearson Education.
3)      Locker and Kaczmarek, Business Communication: Building Critical Skills, McGraw Hill Education.
4)      Herta A Murphy, Herbert W Hildebrandt, Jane P. Thomas, Effective Business Communication (SIE), McGraw Hill Education.
5)      Dona Young, Foundations of Business Communication: An Integrative Approach, McGraw Hill Education.
6)      Raymond V. Lesikar, Marie E. Flatley, Kathryn Rentz, Paula Lentz, and Neerja Pande,
7)      Business Communication: Connecting in a Digital World (SIE), McGraw Hill Education.
(Note: Latest edition of text books may be use)

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