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Thursday, January 09, 2020


B.Com (Gen) (CBCS)
Semester -I
Ability Enhancement Compulsory Course AEC 201-Environmental Science (2 Credit) Lectures: 30
Full Marks: 50 (Internal Assessment 10 + 40 End-Term)
Unit I: Ecosystems           10 L
Ecosystem-Structure and function of ecosystem (Abiotic and biotic factors); Energy flow in an ecosystem.
Environmental Problems: Global warming and Climate change, ozone layer depletion. Deforestation, acid rain; impacts of environmental disturbances.
Unit II: Natural Resources and Biodiversity         10 L

Energy resources: Renewable and non-renewable energy sources. Biodiversity patterns and global biodiversity hot spots, India as a mega-diversity, Conservation of biodiversity: In-situ and Ex-situ conservation of biodiversity.
Unit III: Environmental Pollution, Impact and Management        10 L
Environmental pollution: Air, water, soil and noise pollution, Nuclear hazards and human health risks, solid waste management: Control measures of urban and industrial waste.
Environmental Protection Act and International agreements: Montreal and Kyoto protocols and Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD).
(Unit wise distribution of marks shall be same for all the disciplines.)
Suggested Readings:
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b)      Gadgil, M., & Guha, R. 1993. This Fissured Land: An Ecological History of India. University of California Press.
c)       Gleeson, B. and Low, N. (eds) 1999. Global Ethics and Environment, London, Routl edge.
d)      Gleick, P.H. 1993. Water in Crisis. Pacific Institute for Studies in Dev., Environment& Security. Stckholm Env. Institute, Oxford University Press.
e)      Groom, Martha J., Gary K. Meffe, and Carl Ronald Carroll. Principles of conservation Biology. Sunderland: Sinauer Associates,2006.
f)       Grumbine, R. Edward and Pandit, M.K. 2013. Threats from India’s Himalaya dams. Science,339:36-37.
g)      McCully, P. 1996. Rivers no more: the environmental effects of dams (pp. 29-64).Zed Books.
h)      McNeill, John R. 2000. Something New Under the Sun: Ann Environmental History of the Twentieth Century.
i)        Odum, e.P., Odum, H.T. & Andrews, j. 1971. Fundamentals of Ecology.Philadelphia: Saunders.
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