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Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Gauhati University Question Papers: Auditing and Assurance (May-June' 2018)

Paper: 402
Full Marks – 80
Time – Three Hours
The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions
1. (a) Fill in the blanks with appropriate words:                                      1x5=5
1)         _______ audit is done by the staff of the employer.
2)         An internal check reduces the work of an auditor but does not reduce his _______.
3)         Non-statistical sampling is popularly known as _______.
4)         Trade investments are valued at _______ price.
5)         When an auditor gives opinion subject to certain observation, such opinion is termed as _______ opinion.
(b) Answer as directed:                                                                        1x5=5
1)         Valuation of assets and liabilities is a part of verification. State whether the statement is true or false.
2)         The principal objective of auditing is to discover errors and frauds if there are any. State whether the statement is true or false.
3)         What is meant by auditor’s certificate?
4)         Write the meaning of statistical sampling.
5)         Write two objectives of vouching.
2. Answer the following in about 30 words each:                                 2x5=10

a)         Meaning of continuous audit.
b)         Compensating error.
c)          Audit attestation.
d)         Write two differences between statistical sampling and non-statistical sampling.
e)         Mention two important features of audit report.
3. Answer any four of the following within 150 words each:                                                                         5x4=20
a)         Four recommendations on surprise check issued by ICAI.
b)         Five features of internal control questionnaire (ICQ).
c)          Objectives of interim audit.
d)         Five essentials of good audit report.
e)         Objectives of audit sampling.
f)          Vouching of bad debts recovered.
g)         Write distinctions between internal check and internal audit.
4. Discuss the basic principles of audit.                                                                                                                   10
What are the different types of errors and frauds? Discuss the auditor’s duty regarding detection and prevention of errors and frauds.                                                                            4+6=10
5. How would you vouch the following?                                                                                                                                5+5=10
1)         Payment of wages and salaries.
2)         Payment to creditors.
What are the objectives of verification of assets? What are the factors to be considered for valuation of assets?    5+5=10
6. Write short notes on:                                                                                                                                                5+5=10
1)         Audit working paper.
2)         Audit notebook.
Suggest a suitable system of internal check about cash sales in big retail business.                            10
7. Discuss the important facts to be mentioned by the auditor under Companies Act.                      10
What is meant by Audit Report? Write the essentials of a good audit report?                                      2+8=10


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