NIOS Free Solved Assignments (2019 - 2020): BUSINESS STUDIES 319 ENGLISH MEDIUM

Business Studies (319)
Tutor Marked Assignment
Max. Marks: 20
Note : (i) All questions are compulsory. The marks allotted for each question are given at same place.
(ii) Write your name enrollment numbers, AI name subject on the top of the first page of the answer sheet.
Answer any one out of the following questions in about 40-60 words:-
a) Rishi is running a cake-baking unit. In order to expand his market share, he started producing Bread, Burgers, and Sandwiches etc. Which auxiliaries to trade can help him in this venture?                            (Lesson 1)
Ans: Auxiliaries to trade are those activities which provides facilities to business unit. In the given question, Rishi is running a cake-baking unit and in order to expand his market share by producing additional products, he must use the following auxiliaries services:
a) Transportation
b) Warehousing
c) Advertising
d) Banking
b) Discuss the features of Statutory Corporations? (Lesson 7)
Ans: A public corporation, known as Statutory Corporation, is an autonomous corporate body set up under a special act of the Parliament or of State Assembly.

Features of statutory corporations
1)      Statutory Corporation is fully owned by the Government.
2)      It is having a separate legal entity.
3)      Its employees are not government employees.
4)      Board of Directors are appointed by the government
5)      It prepares its own budget and can retain its earnings which can be used for its business. 

Answer any one out of the following questions in about 40 - 60 words.
a) Sandra Ltd. is a credit worthy Company, which holds more than 50% of the nominal value of Kishore Ltd. another company. Here which company can be termed as holding company? Explain it.                                (Lesson 6)
Ans: Holding company is one which holds more than 50% share in any company. In the given question, Sandra Ltd. holds more than 50% of the nominal value of Kishore Ltd. So, Sandra ltd is termed as holding company and the other company Kishore ltd is termed as subsidiary of Sandra ltd.
b) Differentiate between BPO and KPO. (Lesson 4)
Ans: Business Process Outsourcing (BPO): The process of contracting out non-core business activities to third parties in order to reduce costs and time involved is called Business Process Outsourcing.
On the other hand, Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) means information related business task or knowledge-based processes such as research, analysis, consultancy or any other high-level task are outsourced i.e. done by the workers of another company or allocated to the subsidiary of the same organization.
Answer any one out of the following questions in about 40 - 60 words.
a) Write short note on Written Communication. (Lesson 2)
Ans: When information, ideas, or feelings exchange in written form that is known as written communication. Written communication has its own importance and for some particular purposes it has no other alternatives. Written communication is used when the message is complex and it more reliable as compared to oral communication.
b) Which resources are required for successful E-business implementation? (Lesson 4)
Ans: E – Business: E – Business refers to all business transactions and functions conducted electronically. The following resources are required for successful implementation of e-business:
a)      Adequate computer systems
b)      Internet connection and telecommunication system
c)       A full fledged website or mobile application
d)      Technically qualified workforce having knowledge of upto date technology
e)      Fool-proof system of receiving payments

Answer any one out of the following questions in about 100 to 150 words.
a) Mr. Praveen got salary increment in his job. He is interested to know about the different type of Bank Accounts. Guide him.
Ans: Different types of bank account:
a) Saving Bank Account: A bank Savings Account is a type of account designed to simply hold money that we do not need immediate access to these accounts are opened by the persons who want to save some part of their income either to earn interest on deposit or for safety purposes.
b) Current account: This account is opened by businessmen and traders. Businessmen have to transact many times in a day with their customers. Facilitating them with the facility of Current account, bank allows traders to withdraw them as many times they require withdrawing. Customers are generally given paper checks to carry out day-today transactions, like paying bills, making purchases, or transferring money to another account.
c) Fixed Deposit Accounts: The account which is opened for fixed period by depositing amount is known as fixed deposit account. The money deposited in this account cannot be withdrawn before expiry of period. A high rate of interest is paid on fixed deposits.
d) Recurring Deposit Account: The purpose of these accounts is to encourage public for regular saving, particularly by fixed income group. Fixed amount is deposit is deposited at regular intervals for a fixed term and repaid on maturity.


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