ITAB | Information Technology and Its Application in Business Question Papers November' 2019 | B.Com (Non CBCS)

Information Technology and Its Application in Business

2019 (November)


Course: 304: Information Technology and Its Application in Business)

Full Marks: 80

Pass Marks: 24

The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions.

1. Answer as directed:                   1x4=4
a)         Write True or False:
1)         Tuples are the horizontal rows of information in a database.
2)         210 MB equals 1 gigabyte.
3)         Device drivers are software that is responsible for proper functioning of the CPU.
4)         More pixels per square inch mean better resolution.
b)         Fill in the blanks:                     1x4=4
1)         Insertion of rows and columns in a worksheet is known as ______.
2)         ICT stands for ______.
3)         ASCII stands for ______.
4)         MAN stands for ______.
2. Answer the following briefly:                                 4x4=16
a)         Write the differences between compiler and interpreter.
b)         Differentiate between ROM and RAM.
c)          Differentiate between application software and system software.
d)         State the meaning of CD-ROM, WORM, rewritable and multifunction.
3. (a) Discuss the impact of information technology in education and health sector.          14
(b) Explain EDI with its different advantages and disadvantages.            14
4. (a) Discuss different types of software with example.                                14
(b) Write the differences between memory and storage. Explain different types of storage devices with their relative advantages and disadvantages.                                 14
5. (a) What is mail merge? Write down the steps involved in mail merging in MS-Word. How can formulas be entered in Worksheet? Write down the steps in creating charts in an Excel sheet.   1+6+1+6=14
(b) (1) State the differences between formula and function in MS-Excel.
(2) What is meant by cell referencing in MS-Excel? Describe the different cell references available in MS-Excel.
(3) Give the uses syntax of the following functions:   2+6+6=14
a)         Round()
b)         Sum()
c)          Count()                                     
6. (a) What is ERP? What are the limitations of conventional ERPs? Discuss some of the features of Tally.                       2+5+7=14
(b) What is group? Write the steps for creating, displaying and altering single/multiple group using Tally.  3+11=14

Full Marks: 80
Pass Marks: 32
Time: 3 hours
1. Write the full forms of the following:                                 1x8=8
a)         ERP.
b)         EDP.
c)          EPROM.
d)         EBCDIC.
e)         OCR.
f)          RTGS.
g)         MICR.
h)         NEFT.
2. Write briefly on the following:                               4x4=16
a)         Spell-check functions in MS-Word.
b)         Optical storage device.
c)          Functions of MS-Excel.
d)         Validation and sorting in MS-Excel.
3. (a) Discuss different features of IT. Explain the impact of IT on business.           14
(b) Define EDI. Discuss the advantages and working principles of EDI.                                14
4. (a) Differentiate between primary memory and secondary memory. Describe some of the storage devices used in computer.           4+10=14
(b) How is software useful in smooth functioning of computer hardware?      14
5. (a) (1) What is meant by protecting a document and how can it be done in MS-Word?           3
(2) How can the case of a particular word be changed in MS-Word?             3
(3) Write the steps for inserting a table in MS-Word document.     4
(4) Write the steps for finding and replacing text in a MS-Word document.                4
(b) Write the use and syntax of the following MS-Excel functions:        2x7=14
1)         Count()
2)         Count A()
3)         Countblank()
4)         Sum()
5)         Sumif()
6)         Countif()
7)         Round()
6. (a) Explain different features of Tally with its relative advantages and disadvantages.                 14
(b) Discuss different keys and voucher entries available in Tally.            14


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