Dibrugarh University Question Paper (HRM Major 4th Sem): Human Resource Management, 2014

2014 (May)
Course: 403
(Human Resources Management)
Full Marks: 80
Pass Marks: 32
Time: 3 hours
The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions
1. State whether the following statements are True or False:                      1x8=8

a)         Recruitment and selection are the two sides of the same coin.
b)         Manpower Planning and Human Resource Planning are synonymous.
c)          Job rotation is a method of on-the-job training.
d)         Benefits and facilities given to employees in addition to their normal wages and salaries are called fringe benefits.
e)         Selection is ultimately an eliminating process.
f)          Training is the systematic modification of behaviour through the process of learning.
g)         The wages in an industry are determined by wage laws and industry’s capacity to pay.
h)         Wages are payments for labour services rendered frequently, expressed in hourly rates while a salary is similar payment expressed in weekly, monthly or annual rates.
2. Write short notes on the following (any four):               4x4=16
a)         Manpower Planning.
b)         Objectives of wages and salary administration.
c)          Employee compensation.
d)         Performance Appraisal.
e)         Rational for training.
f)          Sources of recruitment.
3. (a) Give a suitable definition of Human Resource Management (HRM). Discuss its nature and scope. 4+8=12
(b) Discuss in brief the strategic roles of HR managers.                                               12
4. (a) What factors should be kept in mind while planning for manpower in small business units?                               11
(b) What is job analysis? Discuss the reasons for growing interest in job analysis in recent times.                            4+7=11
5. (a) Write a comprehensive note on recruitment processes in India.                                     11
(b) What do you mean by inductive training? Discuss its objectives.                                     4+7=11
6. (a) What do you mean by Executive Development? How is it planned and organized?                                                4+7=11
(b) Explain the concept of Employee Training. State how a sound training system helps in achieving the organisational objectives.                                          4+7=11
7. (a) Discuss the concept of compensation. What factors affect compensation of employees in an industrial organisation? 4+7=11
(b) Explain the role of various kinds of working environment which affect the health of workers.    11

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