AHSEC - Class 11 Question Papers: BIOLOGY' 2019

Full Marks: 70
Time: Three hours
The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions.
Part – I (Botany)
1. Who proposed binomial nomenclature?                 1
2. Fusion of two nuclei in sexual cycle is called _______. (Fill in the blank)               1
3. What is the common name of phaeophycean algae?                  1
4. Potato is a modification of root. (Write True or False)                 1

5. Name the proposer(s) of cell theory.                                 1
6. Define and distinguish (any four):                        (1+1) x 4 = 8
a)         Prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells.
b)         Heartwood and sapwood.
c)          Antheridia and archegonia.
d)         Tracheids and vessels.
e)         Cyclic and non-cyclic phosphorylaltions.
f)          Macro and micro-nutrients for plants.
7. Answer briefly any thee of the following:                        3x3=9
a)         What is meant by heterospory? Write the significance of heterospory.
b)         What is hydroponics? Explain the uses and applications of hydroponics.
c)          What are the nuclear pores? State their functions.
d)         What are phytohormones? Explain the role of phytohormones in seed germination.
e)         Give an account on the structure and function of embryo sac in angiosperms.
8. Write precise notes on the following (any two):                            4x2=8
a)         Various steps involved in glycolysis.
b)         Alternation of generation in bryophytes with illustration.
c)          Importance of meiotic cell division in plants and the definition of quiescent stage (G0) of cell cycle.
d)         Description on the different stages of Calvin cycle.
9. Define photoperiodism and vernalization. Based on the flowering responses, how can you categorize the angiosperms?                                 3+2=5
What is nucleic acids? Mentioning the basic components, draw the structure of a DNA molecule. 2+3=5
Part – II (Zoology)
1. Fill in the blanks:                          1x5=5
a)         Notochord is derived from embryonic _______.
b)         _______ are radically symmetrical animals.
c)          Crossing-over takes place in _______ cell division.
d)         The secondary structure or protein is due to ______.
e)         RBC has the life span of about _______ days.
2. Answer very briefly any four of the following:                               1x4=4
a)         What is the function of ink gland?
b)         Animals of which phylum contain spicules as their endoskeleton?
c)          What is the function of gizzard?
d)         Name the tissue where fats are deposited.
e)         Write the name of two sub-phases of M-phase in cell cycle.
f)          Why is spleen called the graveyard of red blood corpuscles?
3. Write the differences between the following (any two):                          2x2=4
a)         DNA and RNA.
b)         Exocrine and Endocrine glands.
c)          Striated and unstriated muscles.
d)         Small intestine and large intestine.
4. Answer the following briefly (any three):                         2x3=6
a)         What is myogenic heart?
b)         Name the two covalent bonds responsible for maintenance of a protein structure.
c)          “All vertebrates are chordates but all chordates are not vertebrates.” Justify the statement.
d)         Write the economic importance of earthworm.
e)         How does conduction of nerve impulses take place through synapse?
5. Write short notes on (any two):                           3x2=6
a)         Polysaccharides.
b)         Skeletal muscles.
c)          Auditory mechanism.
d)         Uricotelic animal.
6. What is neuron? Describe the structure of a myelinated neuron with a labeled diagram. 1+2+2=5
What is hormone? Write the chemical nature of hormone. Mention four important functions of thyroxine hormone. 1+2+2=5
7. What is circulatory system? Illustrate a cardiac cycle with suitable diagram.                      1+2+2=5
What is locomotion? Describe the sliding filament theory of locomotion.                           1+4=5


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