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Thursday, May 21, 2020


B.Com: Semester I
Internal Assessment -30
Term End Exam - 70
Marks: 100
Lectures: 65

Objectives: The course aims to provide basic knowledge to the students about the organisation and management of a business enterprise.

Unit 1: Foundation of Indian Business      Lectures: 13                        20
Manufacturing and service sector; Small and medium enterprises; Problems and government policy. India’s experience of liberalization and globalization. Technological innovations and skill development. ‘Make in India’ Movement. Social responsibility and ethics Emerging opportunities in business; Franchising, Outsourcing, and E-commerce.
Unit 2: Business Enterprises                     Lectures: 13                         20
Forms of Business Organisation: Sole Proprietorship, Joint Hindu Family, Firm, Partnership firm, Joint Stock Company, Cooperative Society; Limited Liability Partnership; Choice of Form or Organisation. Government – Business Interface; Rationale and Forms of Public Enterprises. International Business. Multinational Corporations.
Unit 3: Management and Organisation        Lectures: 13                    20

The Process of Management: Planning; Decision-making; Strategy Formulation. Organizing: Basic Considerations; Departmentation – Functional, Project, matrix and Network; Delegation and Decentralisation of Authority; Groups and Teams.
Unit 4: Leadership, Motivation and Control        Lectures: 13                20
Leadership: Concepts and Styles: Trait and Situational Theory of Leadership.
Motivation: Concept and Importance; Maslow Need Hierarchy Theory; Herzberg Two
Factors Theory. Communication: Process and Barriers; Control: Concept and Process.
Unit 5: Functional areas of Management          Lectures: 13                   20
Marketing Management: Marketing Concept; Objectives, Scope and Functions
Financial Management: Concept and Objectives; Scopes and Functions
Human Resource Management: Concept scope and functions
Suggested Readings:
1. Kaul, V.K. Business Organisation and Management, Pearson Education, New Delhi
2. Chhabra, T.N., Business Organisation and Management, Sun India Publication, New Delhi
3. Gupta CB, Modern Business Organisation, Mayur Paperbacks, New Delhi
4. Koontz and Weihrich, Essentials of Management, McGraw Hill Education
5. Basu, C.R., Business Organization and Management, McGraw Hill Education
6. Jim, Barry, John Chandler, Heather Clark; Organisation and management, Cengage Learning.
7. B.P. Singh and A.K. Singh, Essentials of Management, Excel Books
8. Buskirk, R.H., et. Al; Concepts of Business: An Introduction of Business System, Dryden Press, New York.
9. Burton Gene and Manab Thakur; Management Today: Principles and Practice; Tata McGraw Hill, New Delhi.
10. Griffin, Management Principles and Application, Cengage Leaning.
(Note: Latest Edition of the above books may be used)

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