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Thursday, May 21, 2020


B.Com: Semester VI
Internal Assessment -30
Term End Exam - 70
Marks: 100
Lectures: 65

Objectives: To impart the students, knowledge about the use of financial, cost and other data for the purpose of managerial planning, control and decision making.
Course contents:
Unit 1: Introduction
Lectures 6                     10
Meaning, Objectives, Nature and Scope and Techniques of management accounting, Difference between cost accounting and management accounting, Cost control and Cost reduction, Cost management
Unit 2: Budgetary Control
Lectures 10                              20
Budgeting and Budgetary Control: Concept of budget, budgeting and budgetary control, objectives, merits, and limitations. Budget administration. Functional budgets. Fixed and flexible budgets. Zero base budgeting. Programme and performance budgeting.
Unit 3: Standard Costing
Lectures 12                             20
Standard Costing and Variance Analysis: Meaning of standard cost and standard costing, advantages, limitations and applications. Variance Analysis-material, labour, overheads and sales variances. Disposition of Variances, Control Ratios.

Unit 4: Decision making
Lectures 20                       20
Absorption versus Variable Costing: Distinctive features and income determination. Cost- Volume-Profit Analysis, Profit/Volume ratio. Break-even analysis-algebraic and graphic methods. Angle of incidence, margin of safety, Key factor, determination of cost indifference point. Steps in decision Making Process, Concept of Relevant Costs and Benefits, Various short term decision making situations – profitable product mix, Acceptance of Rejection of special/export offers, Make or buy, Addition or Elimination of a product line, sell or process further, operate or shut down. Pricing Decisions: Major factors influencing pricing decisions, various methods of pricing.
Unit 5: Contemporary Issues
Lectures 5                               20
Responsibility Accounting: Concept, Significance, Different Responsibility Centres, Divisional Performance Measurement: Financial and Non-Financil measures. Transfer Pricing.
Suggested Readings:
1. Charles T. Horngren, Gary L. Sundem, Dave Burgstahler, Jeff O. Schatzberg. Introduction to Management Accounting, Pearson Education.
2. Anthony A. Atkinson, Robert S. Kaplan, Ella Mae Matsumura, S. Mark Young. Management Accounting. Dorling Kindersley (India) Pvt. Ltd.
3. Singh, Surender. Management Accounting. Scholar Tech Press, New Delhi.
4. Garrison H., Ray and Eric W. Noreen. Managerial Accounting. McGraw Hill
5. Goel, Rajiv, Management Accounting. International Book House,
6. Arora, M.N. Management Accounting. Vikas Publishing House, New Delhi.
7. Maheshwari, S.N. and S.N. Mittal. Management Accounting. Shree Mahavir Book Depot, New Delhi.
8. Singh, S.K. and Gupta Lovleen. Management Accounting - Theory and practice. Pinnacle Publishing House.
9. Khan, M.Y. and Jain, P.K. Management Accounting. McGraw Hill Education.
10. H.V. Jhamb. Fundamentals of Management Accounting. Ane Books Pvt. Ltd.
Note: Latest edition of text books may be used.

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